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Creating an online store, landing page, or even a simple business website is a terrific way to get your company’s name out there on the Internet. According to Nasdaq, 95 per cent of sales will be performed solely online by 2040. In today’s article, we will discuss what a website is and how to use it to promote a business on the Internet. 

eCommerce or Business Website: What Should It Be? 

A business website is a site whose primary purpose is to sell a product or service. It should not only attract with its appearance but also be worked out. Creating such a site can take a couple of hours to several months, depending on the goals and objectives. The easiest way to create a website with minimal design is to use website templates. In general, during the development of an online store, we recommend that you adhere to the following recommendations: 

  • Appearance 

One of the main criteria that play an essential role for any type of site. If you have your logo and corporate identity, then be sure to use them – it will be easier for users to find you on the Internet, and the business will attract more customers. 

  • Goods and services of the company

The user must be as straightforward as possible on what he spends his money on. Tell us about your services and products in detail: add the ability to view in 360 degrees and describe the product cards in detail. 

  • Making an order

Remember that the main idea of website development is sales. For sales to be successful, you need to make them comfortable. The choice of goods/services, delivery options, placing and paying for orders online in a few clicks – all this should be in every online store. 

  • User interface

A stunning design without usability doesn’t make a site “perfect”. If you have worked out the site’s appearance well but it is difficult to understand, there will be no wow effect. Simplicity and pleasant appearance are the keys to success. 

  • Text description

Ensure your site has readable and interesting text for the target audience. Talking about high sales without a well-designed description of services and other information is complex. 

Ways To Create An Online Store And Website For Business 

  • A Professional Agency

A professional team includes a designer, programmer, copywriter, and marketer. A similar set of specialists, as a rule, is provided by website development studios. This is a relatively expensive way, but effective, but there is always a chance to stumble upon a bad team. Therefore, when choosing a web studio, study it thoroughly: read reviews, study the approach to work, and so on. 

  • Freelancer

It is much cheaper to order website development from a “hired worker”, but the probability of stumbling upon the wrong specialist is much higher than in the case of a web studio. 

  • Independently

If earlier it was possible to create a website exclusively with the help of qualified specialists, today you can do it yourself, without much investment. For this, CMS platforms or constructors are used, in which development is reduced to a simple drag and drop of site elements. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Store? 

If you are still thinking about creating a website with your own hands or entrusting the development to professional specialists, then here are the prices you can encounter on the market: the cost of creating an online store with an agency starts from thousands of dollars. This option suits large companies with a large assortment and specific requirements. It is possible and cheaper. More options include ready-made templates, website maker or CMS.

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