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The Indian motorcycle market is huge and in fact, it is one of the biggest in the world. There are multiple reasons for this much demand for two-wheelers in India. For example, bikes are used as a medium of transportation in both urban and rural areas. Furthermore, food delivery apps and eCommerce stores are always on the lookout for delivery executives and one of the primary requirements for the job is having a two-wheeler.

Buying a new bike is a huge investment because it comes with a lot of add-ons such as taxes, hefty insurance premiums, etc. On the other hand, a used bike for sale is much more pocket friendly and you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on fuel and add-ons to support the two-wheeler.

In this article, we will talk about the things you need to examine before you end up opting for a used bike for sale.

Physical and mechanical flaws are very common in second-hand bikes in India.

List of things you need to check before purchasing a used two-wheeler

Know your requirements

Before searching for a used bike for sale you need to know about your own necessities or requirements. To be more specific you need to know about the purpose of your purchase. For example, you may require the used two-wheeler for the daily commute or for delivering stuff. In these cases, you will need a bike that provides better mileage and needs less maintenance.

On the other hand, if you like riding or traveling, then you should opt for bikes that are good-looking and have powerful engines.

Conduct proper research

If the seller has informed you about the model number then you should conduct thorough research on the used bike for sale. You need to look at its specifications, market value, age, condition, etc. to get an idea about the same. The price of the bike can be heavily influenced due to its age and body condition.

If you want to skip this particular process then you should check out a used bike for sale at online second-hand bike selling platforms. In an online used bike selling platform you will be able to find used bikes of assured quality.

Perform rigorous examination of the used bike

Properly inspecting the bike is another important factor that you need to follow when checking out a used two-wheeler. In a second-hand bike, you may come across a lot of mechanical as well as physical defects if the current owner has not taken care of the bike. You should check out the bike in the daylight hours and if possible bring an expert with you.

Some of the basic things you need to check are:

⦁ Engine – it is the fundamental part of the bike and that is why it needs a thorough inspection.
⦁ Chassis number – The next important thing is to check out the chassis number and match it with the engine as well as the plate of the bike.
⦁ Oil leaks – Oil leakage around the engine can ruin your investment and that is why it should be on the checklist.
⦁ Brakes and clutch – Brake and clutch are very important to every two-wheeler and that is why you need to check their smoothness and effectiveness while examining the used bikes.
⦁ Tires and wheels – Find out the signs of wear and tear on the wheels and tires of the bike to make sure that you won’t have to spend any extra money.
⦁ Body color and corrosion – While checking out the body of the bike you should also have a look at the body paint and rust which can be very harmful to the vehicle in the long run.
⦁ Battery and electric cables – You also need to check the battery, self-start switch, cables, lights, etc.

Check the service record history

You need to check the service history of the used bike for sale before finalizing any deal. The service record will provide you with an insight into the current status of the bike and how much servicing it will need.

Ask for the documents

When you are checking the used bike you should also request the official documents without which your purchase will become illegal. There are multiple documents related to the bike that will be available to the owner and you need to check them out before finalizing the deal. Some of these papers include bike insurance, registration certificate, invoice or sales receipt, PUC certificate, etc.

Key takeaways

As you can see there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a used bike for sale but all of these tiresome and time-consuming processes can be easily skipped if you happen to purchase the same from Beepkart.

Beepkart is an online second-hand bike selling platform where you can come across lots of used bikes for sale. These used bikes have already gone through quality checks and paperwork before ending up at the hands of the customer.

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