7 things Meghan Markle will not be allowed to do after marriage

7 things Meghan Markle will not be allowed to do after marriage

June 2, 2018 3 By Shweta Pandey

Meghan Markle

The royal wedding is one of the recent events that have managed to grab attention of the entire world. Everyone looks up to the lavish and traditional royal weddings. There is a lot of glamour and grandeur associated to these weddings but in the back of the layer, there is a whole set of rules that are to be followed by the new member in the British Royalty. There comes a lots of dos and don’ts that come along with the Royal tie of knot. So here we are, presenting 7 things that Meghan Markle will be forbidden to do after marriage:

Meghan Markle social media

1. No Social Media

Meghan Markle is one of the famous celebrity who has worked in several famous movies like Remember ME, Sparks can fly, Dater’s Handbook and a lot more. Her passion for traveling made her fans more interested in her social media profiles. She amassed a huge fan following. Markle even had a lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’.

She had to shut down all her social media accounts, as rules of the Royal Family demand that. The Social media of the royal family is managed by appointed social media managers who look after their royal image.

Markle said goodbye to her fans on social media and expressed her gratitude towards them.

No autographs by Meghan Markle

2. No Autographs

Being a popular actress, Meghan Markle must have signed enumerable autographs for her fans. Now, when she is married in the Royal Family, her fans would be more likely to get her autograph but the Royal ‘Code of Conduct’ won’t approve of that.

The logic behind forbidding the royal members to give autographs is to reduce the possibilities of the signatures getting forged.

duchess of sussex Meghan Markle

3. No political expression

Back in the time, when Markle wasn’t married to Prince Harry, she used to express her political views publically. She has expressed her political ideas freely, at the time of elections in America, she openly supported Presidential Candidate ‘Hilary Clinton’. Now as the Duchess of Sussex, she will be forbidden from expressing her political views publically.

The queen is supposed to be neutral in the political discourse of the country and her family abides by the same norm.

Meghan Markle movies

4. Goodbye to her Career

It is next to impossible for a bride of Royal Family to be an actor; therefore, Meghan Markle will have to end up her acting career to be a full time member of the Royal Family. The reason is not simple because it will be a contentious thing to do. It primary reason is the tough schedule, the Duchess will not get sufficient time to pursue acting. She will be too occupied with the duties assigned to her.


5. Restrained traveling

Meghan Markle is a travel enthusiast. After tying a knot with Prince Harry, her love for travel will also suffer some consequences. There will be restrictions imposed on her traveling, not out of rules but for security reasons.

When a member of the Royal Family goes out, a huge security plan is constructed to ensure safety. The travel plans cannot be spontaneous anymore. Plans will have to be made beforehand, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Meghan Markle dogs

6.Leaving her pet dog

This sounds painful but this is true! Meghan had 2 Dogs; Guy and Bogart. One is a Beagle and the other is Lab-shepherd, a mixed breed. Rumor is that Meghan is leaving behind Bogart because of his old age, as he will not be able to make multiple trips to several places. It is also being speculated that since Bogart belongs to an undistinguished breed, he won’t seem to be appropriate for the Royal Family.

Meghan markle hairstyle

7. No showing off of hair and no bare legs

The rules of the Royal Family demand the women to cover up their hair all the time. Wearing a hat is a must. The hat can only be removed after 6 p.m. in the evening and be replaced with a tiara but being without covering ones head is a big NO.

A woman of the British Royalty is supposed to wear nude colored stockings. She is not allowed to show off a pair of bare legs.











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