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Are young children suitable for technology use? Modern technologies are very powerful because they rely on one of the most powerful biases in our genes. There is a huge bias in the human brain for visual information. Television, movies, video, and most computer programs are on-screen, so they attract and protect the attention of young children. When young children sit in front of the TV for hours, they are unable to cultivate other acquaintances. But the technologies that benefit children the most are interactive, helping the child to develop curiosity, problem-solving, and independent thinking skills.

Technology only plays a key role in all aspects of American life. As technology has become easier to use, so has the use of children. Childhood education staff are prepared to carefully examine the impact of technology on children and to use technology to benefit children. Child educators need to be more responsible for changing the lives of children and their families.

There are a number of issues with young children using technology:

  • The important role of the teacher in evaluating the proper use of technology.
  • Combination of technology in childhood programs
  • Standardization and violence in software
  • Equal access to technology
  • Impact of technology on professional development
  • The role of teachers and parents as lawyers

The role of the teacher is very important in making good decisions about the use of technology to achieve potential benefits. Choosing the right software is like choosing the perfect books for the classroom. Teachers need to use computers to come up with new teaching and development strategies. Computers for young children. Audio and graphics capture children’s attention. Proper software allows children to play creative games, learn skills, solve problems, and engage in conversation. Children control behavior and behavior. They can repeat a process or activity at any time and test for differences. They can collaborate in decision-making and share their discoveries and creations. As a child develops well-designed software, he or she will be able to meet new challenges as he or she becomes more mature. Proper visual and oral reminders designed in the software expand the game theme and opportunity while controlling the child. A collection of images, sounds and a variety of information is in the hands of children. The software is also suitable for children between the ages of three and four. This shows that technology can improve children’s cognitive and social skills. It provides a window into the child’s thinking.

Each classroom has its own philosophy, values, themes and activities. Childhood educators should promote equal access to technology for all children and their families. Modern technology is very powerful because it relies on the strongest bias we have. The problem with this is that many modern technologies are very passive. For this reason, they do not provide children with the quality and quantity of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical experiences they need at a young age.

Unfortunately, technology is often used to replace social situations, but it must be used to enhance human interaction. In the current decade, research has gone beyond simple questions about technology. Very young children are comfortable and confident in handling computers. They can trigger them, follow pictorial instructions, and understand and think about their activities using situational and visual symbols. Writing a keyboard doesn’t seem to bother them. In fact, it seems to be a source of pride. Thanks to recent technological advances, even physically and mentally handicapped children can easily access a computer. In addition to improving their mobility and control, computers can help build self-confidence.

So the specifics of the technology are no longer mentioned. Studies have shown that being strong for children is important, not just physical. Computer performance can always be more manageable, flexible, and scalable. To add more content, there are some special programs that can be used to introduce a lot of content to children who have some information processing problems. There are still a number of good software programs based on math or reading.

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