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The Unwritten Rules To An Everlasting Friendship.

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friend.”

 -Virginia Woolfe

Friends make our lives beautiful. They lift our spirits, guide our ways to happiness, and influence our choices for the better. There are points in our lives when friendships mean everything, especially in the teen ages. 

A true friend does not make you question yourself and love you for who you are. They inspire you to achieve grander things. They love you with and for all your flaws. And, in the most challenging of times, your real friends act like a shield.

Since childhood, you must’ve made many friends and built many beautiful friendships. But are you in touch with them all? Where did they go? Did you lose them to your busy schedule? Did you forget to call them, or did they? 

Something as beautiful as friendship certainly doesn’t come without minimal effort. Every relationship in life demands you to work for it, and so does this. Here are some unwritten rules for you to follow if to want a lasting friendship.

#1 Show Your Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a beautiful practice. Your friends are there in your life out of their choice, not compulsion. They choose to stay in touch and brighten your life because they love you. And you know you are grateful for their presence. It’s about time you express those emotions.

Say it out loud. Tell them how much you value having such people in your life. Every time they are kind to you, appreciate it. It reassures your friends that you notice their gestures. It will make way for a stronger bond. 

Other effective ways of showing gratitude are checking on them from time to time, leaving a quick text, sending their favorite food, and so on.

#2 Take Out Time

While a true friendship is more or less effortless, it requires you to put some amount of work into it. If you don’t give your friend any time but expect them to love you unconditionally and understand your detachment, that would not be fair. 

So make time for friendship. Go out for dinners, or explore the city with them. When life gets too hectic, and there’s limited time, you can arrange for a weekend get-together. 

#3 Listen To Their Worries

Your friends have always been there for you. There were times when you needed to vent about something or someone to listen to your side of the story. Your friends were there. Now, it’s your turn to lend them an ear.

You might not have the right words to soothe their pain, but being heard can also do the trick. Your body language, the seriousness with which you are listening to them, and eye contact, everything matters.

#4 Respect One Another’s Opinion

Just because you two are best of friends does not mean all your opinions have to match. There will come times when their point of view might seem bizarre to you, and vice versa. In those times, remember to respect that difference. Accept that your way is not the only way.

It is vital to remember that their viewpoint is not wrong; it is just different from yours. And, it is okay! 

Practice open-mindedness and do not expect your friend or anyone at all to agree to everything you have to say. There is no growth in surrounding yourself with a bunch of “yes-men.”

#5 Argue Amicably

What relationship doesn’t have conflict? You argue with people closest to your heart. Rest doesn’t matter. 

Your friend is an individual with their opinions and thoughts. And that is bound to give rise to conflict at least once. When that happens, fix it amicably. 

These are people that love you. They won’t leave your side just because you had a difference of opinion. But that doesn’t mean you can cross your limits and forget to be respectful. 

Even if you have a disagreement bad enough to sever the bonds, take it upon you to communicate and reconnect. Maintaining a friendship can take effort, but it is worth it. Even if it requires stepping into awkward situations, do it.

A Word From QuackQuack

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