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You may have heard that vapor distilled water is better for you than regular tap water. But what if you are not sure of the differences? We will answer any questions about distillation, and give some tips on how to drink it without getting too bored.

Water is one of the most crucial elements of life. Every day, people drink water while eating foods and taking part in other activities. Although some people think that all types of water are equal, it isn’t true. Distilled water has some special characteristics which make it healthier than tap or filtered water.

Where does it come from?

Distillation is a purification process which involves boiling the source water to separate impurities from clean drinking water. The resulting steam leaves behind harmful chemicals like heavy metals, minerals, fertilizers and pesticides found in most potable sources today. After this process, what remains is pure enough for consumption without any further filtration needed.

What are its health benefits?

The biggest health benefit is that distilled water has no taste. The absence of trace elements, minerals and other impurities means you get a completely clean product to drink, with no need for further purification through equipment like filters or reverse osmosis. This also means it is likely to quench your thirst more readily than other types of water because it does not alter the pH level in your mouth or stomach.

Distilled water is the result of boiling the regular, everyday tap water until it turns to steam. The salts and minerals are then separated out into a large container, while what is left behind is clean vapor. This vapor eventually cools down and forms pure, distilled water that can be collected in another container. Distillation does not make water “neat magic” as some people say. Rather it removes pollutants and chemicals from your drinking water so you can consume less toxins and live healthier overall, all thanks to science!

There’s no doubt that vapor distilled water has many positive qualities: firstly, after distillation any germs or bacteria will be killed by the process itself; distillation also removes lead and other heavy metals which would not normally be removed by water filters. Distillation generally removes any organic chemicals, agricultural runoff, chlorine, pesticides and other things that can actually lead to negative side-effects. Scientists have named distilled water the ultimate hydrator because it is completely pure with no additives or chemicals whatsoever. It can also hydrate you more effectively than tap or spring water because it contains fewer minerals which are found in normal drinking water, leading some researchers to believe it may be preferable for those who suffer from heartburn or an overactive bladder due to elevated calcium levels.

This said, there are also several drawbacks of drinking too much vapor distilled water which you should know about before trying this new kind of alternative: firstly the lack of minerals and vitamins found in regular tap water can lead to side-effects such as headaches, fatigue, irritability and nausea.

There are many ways to make distilled water more flavorful or even delicious by adding some fruits or vegetables, making tea with it or drinking diluted fruit juices. If you really need flavored drinks on weekdays but still to eliminate toxins from your life, you can drink distilled water at home and then cook with regular tap water when you’re at work or school.

Think of vapor distilled water as the “healthier” alternative to tap or spring water, but not necessarily something that is always better. You shouldn’t substitute your daily water intake with the drink either, unless you are sure to consume at least 7-8 glasses of regular drinking water in addition throughout the day. Just know all the facts so you can take full advantage of this little life hack without any negative side-effects!

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