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Who doesn’t want a super cool castle party! You dress up for one day as the most beautiful prince or princess or king and queen. Here you can think of beautiful dresses, makeup or make-up and for the boys and men a nice suit just like a real king. Of course you should not forget the matching accessories such as necklaces, earrings, a tiara. Complete your theme party with princess decorations and all your guests will imagine themselves in history!

2. Superhero party

Is your child a fan of a typical superhero! From Spiderman, Paw Patrol to the Minions many more! Parties with a superhero theme can be organized for both children and adults. Who doesn’t love dressing up! With the Spiderman decorations you will make the decoration of the party even more fun!

3. Disney’s Frozen

Is your son or daughter absolutely crazy about Frozen or totally into winter? Then throw a Frozen party! For example, you can have everyone dress up as Elsa, Anna, Christof, Sven or Olaf! For the kids it’s obviously fun to go as the Frozen characters and the matching Frozen decorations fit the theme perfectly!

4. Paw Patrol party

Is your little son or daughter crazy about Paw Partol? Rider and his crew make sure kids have a fun and educational time every day. If it’s your child’s birthday, get them the best Paw Patrol decorations! This will make the party even more fun and cozy, because of course without party decorations, the party can’t begin! This will give them and yourself an unforgettable day with a great party and the cutest party decorations.

5. Back to the 80’s

Organizing your own party? Of course you can do that in a fun theme! With Back to the 80’s as a theme party, your guests can dress up in the craziest colors and with the cutest accessories. Think for example of leg warmers, a golden necklace, tracksuit, net panties and all in striking neon. And of course, you can’t miss the face paint, glow sticks, sweat bands and glitter hats! So you can pull everything out of the closet. It is also fun to dress exactly like your favorite youth icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson or Ruud Gullit. Of course with neon decorations, balloons, party goods (Dutch: feestartikelen) and a carnival costume (Dutch: carnavalskostuum)  is really super fun.

6. Proud 2be Fout

At a Proud2befout party everything is good as long as it’s wrong. This means that you can pull the craziest clothes out of the closet and act crazy. Again, you can think of neon decorations or the craziest wigs. With this theme everything is good and nothing is wrong enough! Of course the decorations should not be missing with this theme!

7. Karaoke night

Karaoke night consists mainly of singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs as if no one is listening. It doesn’t matter whether you sing well or off-key! The more people sing, the more fun we have!  With this theme you can dress up as your favorite singer. Super fun! With the right party accessories you will be ready for it and with a party popper you will pop into the party! The colorful decorations will put you in a good mood as soon as you arrive at the party. Make sure you have a microphone and a music list and then you can’t go wrong!

8. Disco fever

Do you feel like having a dance party? Then a disco fever theme party is for you! Here you can go crazy to crazy disco music. With the best costumes and neon decorations you will look great! By combining the many colors you will be in a disco atmosphere. Also an afro wig fits perfectly and just check out some cheap halloween costumes here.

9. High school stereotypes

Here you can dress up like you did in the past or just like your parents. How fun is it to wear your parents’ old clothes or to get your own old clothes out of the closet. Dress up with suspenders, fun glasses and more fun accessories. Always wanted to be a cheerleader? Then this is your chance to be one. Add the right accessories and makeup and you really look like a cheerleader. Are you really a Queen B? Put on the most beautiful dress with a tiara, nice heels and makeup and you will look beautiful. Are you with a group of girls and/or boys? Then go to the party as a popular group and agree on what to wear. Are you really a sports fan then dress up as an athlete. Think of a big sport vest and nice wide pants, or just a soccer outfit.

10. Hawaii party

How fun is it to have a tropical party! It doesn’t matter if your birthday is in summer or winter. You can celebrate outside in the summer and in the winter just do it inside. Fun flamingo decorations, an inflatable palm tree or an inflatable flamingo go well together. In addition, fun flags, plates, cups and much more. With these decorations, the party is complete.

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