The story of the army’s parachute landing

May 6, 2021 0 By Anonymus

Over the past 50 years, skydiving and skydiving have become one of the favorite sports for thousands of people around the world. This amazing activity is considered by many to be the best way to spend an afternoon weekend. Some are even planning their vacation around skydiving, looking for unique and beautiful places to see from above. However, despite the hundreds of fun and competitive activities related to skydiving, it is important to remember how this thing called skydiving got started.

Deploy paratroopers

The U.S. military used skydiving as a key military tactic during World War II, using paratroopers to deploy paratroopers on the battlefield. In those years the equipment was far less advanced than it is today, the soldiers who landed in the world under the heavy round canvas canals, dressed in the best clothes and shoes that could be made.

But this part of the army had enough troops to take care of skydiving at the end of the war.

Army parachute suit

In the years that followed, not only did returning veterans dive into the air, but groups were formed to provide entertainment and competition for active troops within army branches. Numerous military teams are among the best in skydiving and skydiving competitions. Aerobatics is a particularly successful field for these teams. The Red Devils skydiving team dates back to 1964. For the past 40-45 years, the group has been performing in front of crowds around the world with its red colors and parachute suit.

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People’s Army teams

One of the things that distinguish military paratroopers from the civilian sector is the health that appears during formative diving. Although military life can be dangerous and monotonous, employees often find that they are happiest when they spend most of their time abroad completing their skydiving routine. People also communicate very well through hard work in an organized environment.

The duties that these individuals perform on active duty carry out civil life and skydiving movements with them in private life. Better shapes and tricks are used in air shows, exhibitions, etc. Finds its place in public galleries. Some military personnel began their operations at parachute landing centers after leaving the army. These were successful skydiving schools and jumping centers everywhere. From military tactics to general entertainment: Skydiving has a long and fascinating history.

Land in the first primer (then again)

A person who is less interested in paracetamol does not have the term “drop zone”. This is where the paratrooper moves a released paratrooper and appeals to the turtledove terrarium of the paratrooper. It is a general term that includes the surah and the part of the earth which is the paracetamous obituary.

How do you get rid of most of the launch areas? The simple answer is: There is a lot of interest in skydiving school.

Three ways to know the paragliding

This is the main mode of this challenging and emotional game. However, by following the formulation method, the proprietary method, the programming concept is a personal decision. Those who are an initial advertisement are challenged from the start with a straightforward learning method called Rapid Freefall. This program allows you to find all the emotions in the center individually. (Almost everything is parachuted. Learn the land before landing).

This learning method offers Acetaminophen School a different kind of experience. In a sense, these different situations have the potential to be like different ways to go in and out of the zone area.

Tandem jump

The program is greatly appreciated by the beginners, for how to reduce intrusiveness in the brain and control salt in the hands in a cup of espresso. Working with Skydiving Pro, the recreated student or skydiving player is sent to an acquaintance but not sent to the subject teacher or body control in the air. In general, the first tandem throw is just a fun greeting meant to introduce a newcomer to this new sport. Reduced training, separation, and increased aspiration with the pupil’s approved hand for the parachuting operation.


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