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Sahar Zakaria

Sahar Zakaria is one of the famous and very controversial actors of Iranian cinema who has become famous for the famous works of Mehran Modiri. Follow Sahar Zakaria’s controversies “+ photos” سایت برترین بی 

Biography of Sahar Zakaria  ماجرای بیماری عجیب سحر زکریا

Sahar Zakaria “Born on December 10, 1973” is an Iranian film and television actor. Zakaria was born in Arak. He became famous by playing in Mehran Modiri’s series and serials such as Powerchin, Man of Two Thousand Faces and Bitter Coffee.

Height, weight and measurement of Sahar Zakaria

Sahar Zakaria, 48, is not currently exposed. We will update Sahar Zakaria’s height, weight, body size, eye color, hair color, shoe size and clothes as soon as possible. She is currently single. He is not dating anyone. We do not know much about his previous relationship and previous engagement. According to our database, she has no children. 

Is Sahar Zakaria ill?

Zakaria then released a video of himself showing his illness. He said in the video that he had been suffering from a sore throat and throat for months, but did not elaborate further on the cause of his illness.

The most controversial of these reactions, which had many ramifications, was Sahar Zakaria’s criticism of Mehran Modiri. The story began with one of Mehran Modiri’s conversations, in which Modiri was asked why he did not continue working with his old team of actors.

In response to this question, the director said that each project requires its own actors and genre, and not every actor is suitable for every project. 

Sahar Zakaria cursing Mehran Modiri 

Sahar Zakaria, however, reacted to the director’s remarks by criticizing him for ignoring his old team of actors and leaving them, saying that these actors had not been offered a job due to years of cooperation with Mehran Modiri, and that this was unemployment for a long time. It has made life difficult for them. This criticism became very newsworthy and was followed by a sharp reaction from Mehran Modiri’s fans and even some celebrities.

In April 1400, Sahar Zakaria released a video of her non-payment for her role in the TV series Bitter Coffee. He also insulted Mehran Modiri on his Instagram page, which caused Mehran Modiri fans to attack him.

Sahar Zakaria
The story of Sahar Zakaria’s strange illness

Sahar Zakaria obscenity to famous actors of Iranian cinema 

Since then, Sahar Zakaria has occasionally addressed the issue of her dispute with Mehran Modiri and has thus been marginalized. Zakaria has repeatedly attacked other actors in his Instagram reactions.

Vaccination of Shahab Hosseini in the United States, Mohammad Reza Golzar’s billion salary for the Haft Khan contest and the actors’ reaction to the death of Azadi Namdari were among the topics that were criticized by Sahar Zakaria and had some margins.

Sahar Zakaria’s sharp and protesting reaction to the issue of Iran’s delay in purchasing the Corona vaccine also made headlines. Last year, he criticized the country’s officials on Instagram for not buying the Corona vaccine. 

Why does Sahar Zakaria not work in Iranian cinema?

In February 2017, following the death of Ali Ansarian, Sahar Zakaria protested on his personal page against not buying the Corona vaccine, which caused a sharp reaction at 7:30. In April 1400, he released a video announcing that he had been banned from working because of the protest.

Sahar Zakaria “Born on October 23, 1973; Arak is an Iranian actor. Sahar Zakaria entered the world of acting by playing in the TV series “In Your Shelter” “in the role of Ramin’s cousin”.

I was born in Gilan, but my identity card is from Arak. My mother is from Gilani, and since the old fathers wanted their son’s ID card to be registered in their own city, my father also took my ID card in Arak. I have only one younger sister who is married and has children.

The reason for the popularity of Sahar Zakaria

Sahar Zakaria entered the world of acting by acting in a TV series under the protection of “Ramin’s cousin”. He then tested his ability by acting in various plays and tele-theaters. But playing in the movie, he was a crystal man who was seen and returned to television.

Playing Robin Hood’s wife in the Eternal Train comedy series made her somewhat famous. But with the comedy show Powerchin, he showed his latent talent for acting in a comedy role and was able to gain popularity. Sahar Zakaria continued her work by playing in Mehran Modiri TV series such as Powerchin and Man of Two Thousand Faces.

Marriage and wife of Sahar Zakaria

He is not married yet and is single.

The reason why Sahar Zakaria is single 

Not getting married should not mean not having the opportunity or frustration. When you are not married at the age of 40, it shows that you were a little strict in this matter and your work and education issues were a priority or that you could not find the person you were looking for. You should not give in to any marriage for fear of being alone or because your other friends got married and you are still single, but you should still be a voter.

His net worth has grown significantly in the years 2020-2021. So how much is Sahar Zakaria worth at the age of 48? Sahar Zakaria’s source of income is more than a successful actress. He is from Iran. We have estimated the net worth, money, salary, income and assets of Sahar Zakaria.

The works of Sahar Zakaria

Before making his acting debut, he made his acting debut with “Under Support” in 1995.

He starred in the 1998 film Man of Glass.

Sahar also starred in films such as Moonlight Boys “Army in the Dark” (2002).

; Second Woman “2007”; Fatherly secrets of “2009” and men from Mars, women from Venus “2010”.

Among the series he starred in, “The Toe” (2002);

“The Man with Two Thousand Faces” “2008”; “Bitter Coffee” “2009”;

“Billionaire” “2012”

And “on the sidelines” “2014-2015” has played. 

They are better known works.

Unveiled photos of Sahar Zakaria

Given the state of inflation, economic conditions and rising prices, I can not work with low wages or why I have to accept a job and not get paid. The last thing I did on TV was the “Time to Laugh” contest, produced by Abbas Ghanbari and Mohsen Taghavi Zanouz, which aired on the Se Sima network.

Sahar Zakaria is one of the strangest people in Iranian cinema these days.

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