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When you are working with an experienced residential interior painter in Littleton, then you would be able to boost the overall value of your home, especially when you’re planning on selling your property. When you hire house painting contractors in Littleton, you are sure that the quality of the coat of paint that you have on your walls is high, and they would be able to work more efficiently because they are experts in their field. With that being said, here are some of the paint colors that can boost your home’s value in Littleton.

What color paint adds value to homes in Littleton?

1. White

The classic white color is great for kitchens, house exteriors, living rooms, bathrooms, and living rooms because it could help in brightening your home and make spaces look so much bigger and inviting. 

2. Light blue

If you are looking for a great color for your bathrooms and your bedroom, light blue is a great choice. Right now, this would have to be one of the most popular choices for bathrooms and it could increase the value of your home by $5,000. 

Light blue tends to give off this relaxed feeling and make your bathroom look comfortable, cozy, inviting, and more spacious. It is considered a neutral color, which would appeal to a lot of styles of homes and the tastes of buyers.

3. Greige 

When you are looking for appealing colors for the living rooms, some of the bedrooms, and the exterior of your home, then greige is a great color choice. Gray and Beige are both great colors for your home, but if you can’t pick between the two, you could combine them.

This is a great alternative for both the whites and the grays, giving off an elegant and sophisticated feel to your home. It would help give off this warm look that would increase the value of your home.

What Color of house is hardest to sell?

1. Tree green

The tree green color is a color that could really blend in with the surroundings, especially if your home is surrounded by trees. This is not a smart choice to do because it would not really look that appealing. And when you are planning on selling your home, the smart choice is by choosing a color that blends in with the neighborhood instead of the environment.

If you want to have a green home, then you could go with deep green because it would not blend in with your yard. When you have other shades of green, it would be very hard to notice your home since it camouflages.

2. Foreboding Black

Black gives off a very dramatic statement, especially when the whole exterior is black. It could give off this very foreboding feeling compared to the welcoming kind, which a lot of people look for in a house. This is why houses with black exteriors are very hard to sell. If you want to have a black exterior for your home, then think about going dark gray instead, or you could incorporate black in the accents.

3. Dingy dark brown

Dark colors, in general, emit this eerie and forbidding vibe that people would not find inviting. The best chase of brown that you could paint your home is tan or softer shades of brown. Adding that color with crispy white trims and light accents would help that uninviting feeling.

What color do homes sell the fastest?

1. Off-white

The off-white color would have to be the most appealing color to catch the buyers’ attention because you could never go wrong with this color. You could pair the off-white with a dark window still, trim, front door, and shutters to contrast with the light color.

2. White

When you have a white interior, it has this beautiful and simple vibe to it. If you are looking for a clean choice, then white is always a great color to lean on. 

3. Gray

If you want a light color that is not white or off-white, then gray is definitely a great color to choose. Gray has this clean and light vibe to it, while not being not too dark or too light. It’s a great common ground.

4. Blue-gray

If you want to have great contrast between light and dark but you do not want gray, then blue-gray is a great paint color because it could add a bit more color than gray. It is a great color to use to compliment a white or an off-white trim.

How much value does interior paint add?

When you are thinking about selling your home, interior painting is something that could draw buyers in. When you paint both the insides and the outside of your home, it could add about $4,000 on average. This would mean that you could have about 107 percent in return on investment. That is because when interested buyers glance at the interior of your home and do not like it, then they are probably not going to buy it. It could be the tipping point. 

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