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The Must-Have Skills for Enterprise Administrators: How Can You Develop Them with Microsoft MS-101 Exam?

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Enterprise Administrators are the professionals who are involved in the management of physical as well as informational assets of an organization, including security. They play a critical role in ensuring the services of Microsoft 365 are available to enterprises. The functions of enterprise administrators include evaluation, planning, migration, deployment, and management of these services. 

If you are thinking of building a career as an Enterprise Administrator, it is essential that you develop the relevant skills. This is where the Microsoft MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security comes in. 

For enterprise administration, experience with workload linked to Microsoft 365 is vital. Your skills should cover the area of administrating for Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, and deployment for Windows 10. Capabilities in networking, IT basics like DNS, PowerShell, and Active Directory, and server administration are also necessary. This guide takes you through the necessary skills that you need to develop to embark on your career journey as an Enterprise Administrator. 

Must-Have Skills for Enterprise Administrators Covered in the Microsoft MS-101 Exam

Attracting skills that Enterprise Administrators use in modern device execution is possible if you pass the MS-101 test. See the main competencies covered in this evaluation below:

  • Executing services for modern devices

This part captures the aspects of planning device management, managing device compliance, and planning for apps. Other skill areas are planning deployment for Windows 10 and enrolling devices. 

  • Executing security & device management for Microsoft 365

Executing security as well as device management for Microsoft 365 is another skill that Enterprise Administrators must have. The MS-101 evaluation explores this area with greater clarity. It covers managing security reports & alerts, planning and executing threat protection while using Microsoft 365 Defender, as well as planning Microsoft Defender aimed at cloud apps. 

  • Managing governance & compliance for Microsoft 365

If you’re to become a successful Enterprise Administrator, you must attain competence in managing governance as well as compliance for Microsoft 365. Under this skill area, the test takes you through five key issues. They include planning for compliance needs, managing information governance, and executing information protection. Others are planning and executing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) as well as managing search & investigation.

How Does the Microsoft MS-101 Test Help You Become an Enterprise Administrator? 

Before you become an Enterprise Administrator, there’s a rigorous process that you need to go through. This implies passing the relevant evaluations, including the MS-101. Prior to this, there’s the MS-100 test to start you off on your journey towards achieving your career goal. By clearing the two tests, you can earn the expert-level Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert accreditation.

The MS-101 exam comprises 40-60 questions and has a 120-minute duration. The test is administered in two languages, including English and Japanese. With points totaling 700 and above, you’re eligible to receive the designation. The price of the evaluation varies from one region or country to another. In the US, candidates must pay $165. 

To have a successful trial in the MS-101 test, you’ll need to prepare for it thoroughly. Microsoft offers two training options, including a paid instructor-led course as well as free learning paths that are designed for self-study. You can also take advantage of third-party resources such as YouTube tutorials, study books from Amazon, and Exam Results dumps.


The MS-101 test is a vital step on your way to becoming an Enterprise Administrator. The various skills needed by these professionals can be achieved through the evaluation. So, as you reach out for your desired career, don’t miss the chance to pass the MS-101 exam!

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