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Look around and see how far the healthcare sector has evolved since the pandemic and the steps both businesses and patients have taken to ensure a better healthcare ecosystem. During the pandemic, old-school practices in the healthcare sector were prominent and it is safe to say that the crisis could be better managed if technology and healthcare would have been more connected from the very start. 

Now, times have changed and the way consumers look at a hospital and the concept of visiting a doctor as a whole has changed. In fact, a McKinsey & Company report showcases that patients are more comfortable consulting a doctor digitally through an app. As a whole, telemedicine platforms received 50 to 175 times more patients than usual during the pandemic. 

It is clear that both patients and doctors, along with everyone concerned in the healthcare sector are comfortable with the way apps operate nowadays and their telemedicine experience has been satisfactory if nothing exceptional. 

Before you hire an Android app developer and get into the development process, it is important to see what kind of telemedicine apps are most successful right now and why so. Here’s what you should know. 

Top 5 Telemedicine Apps

To develop an idea of how things work and what makes certain apps stand out from one another and the kind of features and functions each telemedicine app surely must have, here are a few highlighted apps. 


Zocdoc is an award-winning telemedicine app that has been around since 2007 and the concept has always been intriguing enough. A platform where patients and healthcare personnel could connect and book an appointment to eventually meet or talk online. Zocdoc mainly aims to help patients find doctors with the right credentials. 

Patients can browse through the panel and compare different doctors, book a slot, upload their prescription and much more. There are over thousands of different providers and 55 different specialists.

When we talk about categories, there is something for everyone. Dentists, general physicians, dermatologists, etc. 


Teladoc, as the name indicates, is a telemedicine company that aims to provide 24/7 healthcare services to patients. Upload a prescription and get a diagnosis almost instantly. Teladoc makes sure confidential info is secured and builds a trust mechanism. 

Teladoc continues to create better experiences for patients. Going beyond conventional healthcare and including therapists as essential healthcare providers is also part of Teladoc’s vision. 

The app itself is extremely immersive and personalized. The app adapts the user’s data and figures out how to lead the experience onward. Virtual care is more accessible than ever before. 

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is designed to connect patients and board-certified healthcare personnel. Whether it is a headache, a fever, a specific kind of skin disease, or even a mental health complication – Doctor on Demand has an inclusive system in place where all kinds of medical concerns are addressed. 

Doctor on Demand makes sure that care is always there, from anywhere, all the time. The app currently empowers over 98 million Americans and most insurance companies approve Doctor on Demand. 

Patients are enabled to choose between urgent care, chronic care, preventive health services, and mental health protocols. When choosing a medical practitioner – patients can browse and see different ratings and experiences. The UX/UI of the app is designed to be as quick as possible. Keep clicking and after a while, you’ll be in contact with an experienced doctor instantly. 


The name originates from Miami but MDLive has expanded a long and currently empowers healthcare professionals and patients all over America. MDLive is known for having onboard the most experienced and well-acclaimed doctors and therapists. 

The app is designed to be extremely quick, helping users meet their objectives in minimal time. Create an account, schedule an appointment, and once you get into a one-on-one session with a doctor, everything will fall into place. 

When you get in touch with an Android app development company for a telemedicine app, make sure you communicate that the app should be effective in terms of both design and functionality. They both go together. 


Amwell is a telehealth platform that provides a wide range of digital healthcare solutions to both healthcare personnel and patients alike. Amwel is more insurance suited and is supported by most companies. Every appointment you get – will definitely be cheaper. 

Amwell coordinates with different pharmacies across the country as well. Get prescriptions straight from a pharmacy and choose different doctors. Nutrition, therapy, urgent care, psychiatry, and much more. Amwell assures that all information provided remains confidential and the company as a whole is HIPAA compliant. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps development in NYC is already on a rise and finding a development firm that understands market needs and what individual businesses want is not difficult anymore. We suggest you look at the apps we highlighted and see how they align with your vision. You do not need to adapt everything. Learn what works for your business and communicate with the team you partner up with. 

Telemedicine trends are already on a rise and now – is the perfect time to capitalize and step into the ecosystem. 

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