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At the top of the screen is some note- taking options. The first icon is to turn on the AI lens-this is commodity that allows you to take a picture of commodity and find analogous particulars for trade on the phone online. The alternate icon is to turn artificial intelligence on or off. However, the Honor 50 8gb + 256gb will change its settings to stylish match its frontal view-the display will show what it thinks it has plant (e, If you have it turnedon, Dogs, flowers) so that you can be sure that the correct settings. If there is requirement and you also want honor 50 8gb + 256gb so here you can get it easily. 

 Honor 50 8gb + 256gb specifications

 The coming icon is a flash icon, which you can switch off, on, automatic or” always on”. Also there is an icon to choose between different digital pollutants, and eventually, a setting icon where you can make further in- depth changes, similar as the aspect rate, turning on the audio control, and choosing the videotape resolution. To do 

 You can tap around the Honor 50 8gb + 256gb screen to elect the focus point you want to use, and when you are ready to take a shot, you can either click the Virtual Shutter Release button, or the physical volume over and You can use down keys. Portrayal mode is commodity you can use with mortal subjects to produce a Booked option and/ or apply a beauty sludge to produce a low depth of field effect with a scale of 0-10. 

 Honor 50 8gb + 256gb 

 If this is where Honor50 8gb + 256gb’s Orifice mode comes in handy, If you want to produce shallow depth of field goods with non-human subjects. With it, you can produce the image of your choice, while setting the orifice effect between f/0.95 and f/ 16. One of the advantages of this mode is that you can a climate the orifice settings in the playback after the fact. 

Different from duplications

 Night mode is commodity we have just seen on a many different duplications of Honor and Huawei phones, and as the name suggests, it’s commodity you use after dark. It principally works by combining a series of short exposures to produce a long exposure effect. 

You can only use it in completely automatic mode, though-you cannot ac climate the ISO and shutter speed. It integrates all images automatically and veritably snappily, and the stylish part is that the images can be taken by hand and without the need for a tripod. 

Why select Honor 50 8gb + 256gb 

 Videotape mode is relatively tone-explicatory, with over to 4K resolution available and the fastest frame rate of 30 fps. There’s also a 1080/ 60p mode which is enabled by dereliction. Multi-Video is a brand new mode we have noway seen ahead. It splits the screen in two and uses two different cameras at the same time to give two different perspectives on the same videotape. You can choose from front/ reverse, reverse/ reverse, image in image, back and frontal options. 

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