The Diary Of A Pest Control Business During Lockdown 

The Diary Of A Pest Control Business During Lockdown 

January 30, 2021 0 By Anonymus

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns are an enormous burden for most people. This virus has affected every part of our lives. That includes the way we work, live, and play. It’s also had an especially big effect on the way that tradesmen in the UK do business. There isn’t a single tradesman who hasn’t been fundamentally affected by COVID-19, and this includes pest control technicians. 

So what has changed for pest control technicians and pest control companies in London during lockdown? To start off COVID-19 has clearly affected to way we’re doing business. You obviously want to avoid being infected or infecting others. This means that these days we’re incredibly careful when interacting with clients. To minimize the risks of COVID infection we’re taking every precaution possible. This includes washing our hands, limiting contact with clients and routinely scrubbing down equipment. One of the biggest benefits to being a pest technician is that we already wear PPE on the job. 

We’ve also had to implement certain restrictions in our offices. This includes cutting down on things like meetings and unnecessary visitors. Some of our staff have been sent home to work and the rest are taking great pains to socially distance. While this has been difficult it needs to be done to prevent infection. 

We’re also seeing the results of lockdown first hand. A good example of this are the changes in behaviour of certain UK pests. For example, rodents have been utterly devastated by the lockdown. Most rodents basically exist by scavenging food which humans leave behind. This includes the food which is thrown away in dustbins and also restaurants. 

The issue is that with lockdown, and most restaurants closed, this source of food has almost completely dried up. What’s more, with fewer people out on the street, the dustbins are practically empty. What this means is that many rodents are starving and desperate for food. These rodents are frantically fighting eat other for whatever food they can get. And some have even resorted to cannibalism. What’s more, many rodents are now migrating out of the city in search of food. These pests are now invading the country and suburban areas. This means we’re seeing an exponential increase in calls to these areas. 

Another consequence of lockdown is the way that it’s affecting pest control. For example, hundreds of shops, businesses and restaurants in London and across the UK are closed. What this means is that pests now have carte blanche to rampage through shuttered businesses. These pests are targeting businesses such as restaurants, takeaways, bars, cafes, and shops. They are entering into these businesses and stripping them bare of all stock. In addition to this, these pests are leaving behind an incredible mess. 

Over the last few months UK pest controllers have received hundreds of calls from panicked businesses owners. These owners have gone to inspect their shop or restaurant, and found it infested with pests. We’ve seen more than one restaurant owner face destruction due to pest infestations during lockdown. Unfortunately, this is just another example of the negative long term results of COVID pests on London businesses. 

What’s also funny about being a pest control technician in London is that we’re one of the few people allowed outside. As essential workers we’re still able to operate and go out on jobs. This has made the lockdown slightly easier to deal with and helped us maintain our sanity. It’s certainly a strange experience compared to the people who are forced to work from home. 

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