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Tennis Training Apps and Games

In tennis, training drills are essential for improvement. If you want to improve your game, you should practice using apps or best casino in usa games that simulate real-life situations. These apps target specific aspects of your game (such as serving power) to provide feedback and guidance as you play.

#1. Tennis Academy ($2.99, iTunes)

The best way to learn how to practice. This app contains more than 1,000 videos and thousands of images, all of which you can access at your fingertips. Plus, the program works like none other out there with three levels of difficulty—from basic to elite level—and two modes (individual/team). You can set goals and track progress via daily reports.

#2. FreeCoach Tennis Coaching Software (Basic Version), $39.95

A huge library of free video tutorials and articles covering everything from fitness to technique. It’s great if you just need a quick overview of different exercises or routines or want to go through some drills.

#3. iPlayTennis Pro 1.0 ($4.49, Google Play Store)

One of the most popular tennis training programs on both iOS and Android platforms, this program offers a variety of drills for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. You’ll also get a comprehensive tutorial section so you know exactly what to do when playing against better players.

#4. iPlayTennis Lite 1.0 ($2.99, Google Play Store) 

This free version includes several drills from iPlayTennis Pro including serve, volley, footwork, and forehand groundstrokes. It does not include any commentary though.

#5. Rackets & Drills 2.0 ($14.99, iTunes) 

This is one of the newer entries in our list but it’s definitely worth checking out. The main draw here is an amazing racket simulator that allows you to switch between different models and grip styles. Not only will you be able to test out different rackets, you’ll also work on improving your stroke mechanics by simulating conditions that may appear during match play.

The Bottom Line 

As you can see above, most of these casinos en ligne  apps require real money subscription that has to be paid before installing. However, we found Tennis Academy to be a good starter since it’s completely free. In addition, you don’t have to pay anything extra in order to access its massive amount of content. That being said, it’s important to remember that it does contain ads along with the rest of the apps mentioned.

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