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Appenzell is a stunning part of eastern Switzerland famous for its imposing Alpstein mountain range, rolling green hills with adorable villages, and signature cheese. Risk-taking mountain climbers are better suited for the most well-known hikes in this region. However, there are a lot of beautiful trails for families and casual hikers, as shown below.

Berggasthaus Aescher

You’ve probably seen a picture of the well-known cliff restaurant Berggasthaus Aescher on social media. It can be reached quickly by taking a cable car up the mountain. Then, on an elevated wooden walkway, a brief 20-minute descent through a cave and around the cliffs of Escort Appenzell. A wild church and a hermit’s hut provide an intriguing look at Swiss culture and history on the way. Despite the cave’s uneven terrain and sometimes slick surfaces, this hike is not difficult or dangerous. Therefore, individuals with mobility issues or children may require assistance. Come early and prepare to wait for a table because the restaurant does not accept reservations. However, the view is well worth the effort.

Seealpsee lake 

From the cliff restaurant, you can see this stunning alpine lake. You’ll need to hike about an hour from the restaurant to the lake to get close. There are switchbacks, stairs, and steep slopes on either side of the narrow dirt trail. Therefore, this is best suited for individuals who have previous experience hiking and wear sturdy footwear with good tread.

You can also walk up from the valley on a service road, which is a little steeper than the mountain trail but is more accessible and safer. You can enjoy Sex in Appenzell. It’s also free because you don’t have to take the cable car.

There are a few hotels and restaurants on the lake. Many people have picnics by the lake, making fires and grilling sausage. We enjoy renting a rowboat to explore the lake from every angle. It’s a long hike down the valley to your starting point at the end of the day.

Saxer Lücke 

The straightforward route from Staubern to Saxer Lücke These well-known spikey peaks on Instagram aren’t nearly as challenging to reach as you might think about Sextreffen. The Steuben mountain hotel can be reached by self-service solar-powered cable car. The viewpoint can be reached after a three-kilometre hike on a rocky path up the mountain.

Because clouds like to hang close, the peaks can be hard to see. Therefore, if at all possible, pick a day with clear skies. You can walk back the way you came or hike a little further to eat lunch by the Falensee alpine lake.


Kronberg is an excellent option if you are travelling with children. They have a lot of fun things for kids and adults to do, including an alpine coaster, a big adventure rope park, and a big playground, in addition to great views. Because the snow melts earlier here, you can typically visit Kronberg before other mountain trails are closed in May.

The hiking trails are very safe because there are no drops! With stunning views of the Alpstein Mountains framed by wildflower-filled meadows. They have a treasure hunt trail for kids where you have to solve riddles and clues to win a prize.


Switzerland is home to numerous stunning hiking destinations. However, I’ll go with the most recent one I visited, Alpstein in Appenzell. You can hike for just one day or several days. It has yet to be well-known to tourists from overseas.

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