Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

The crypto industry is evolving as we are witnessing dozens of new projects associated with digital assets emerging in the market. Now NFTs, metaverses, and GameFi projects are on the top. Investing in crypto has become a popular way to multiply savings, for the rates of digital assets are volatile and may show dynamics daily. It allows making money on the price changes.

There are many strategies for trading. Some are easy for beginners, while others are complex and require expertise. Numerous trading tools are used by traders daily:

  • staking;
  • margin trading;
  • futures;
  • spot trading;
  • etc.

All these instruments are available on crypto platforms. 

A cryptocurrency exchange is a service where you can practice trading and earn money. Some platforms are available worldwide, while others have limited functionality in some counties due to more strict regulations on the part of the government.

This article will describe two of the most famous European platforms and find the best cryptocurrency exchange UK.


This is a popular crypto platform that allows investing in stock markets and cryptos. The exchange allows for over 120 digital assets, including the most popular ones.

eToro allows demo trading with demo tokens for free. So you can practice trading strategies without the risk of losing your own money.

The platform charges a 1% fee for purchasing and selling assets. Deposits and withdrawals occur in USD, so if you want to convert into another currency and cash it out, you will have to pay a fee. The commission for withdrawal is $5.

This cryptocurrency exchange in UK is widely used. For clients from the UK, it offers an eToro Money application where you can convert currencies at zero fees. The app is also used as a wallet for instant transfers and reliable storage.


A young crypto platform that operates in the European market with over 2 million users. It offers transactions with fiat currencies, so you can buy and sell digital assets using your bank card. Transactions with Monobank cards simply zero fees. Other banks charge different commissions, which is why checking before proceeding with the transaction is preferable.

Also, WhiteBIT allows trading with 400 crypto pairs and a full set of instruments for trading, including futures with no expiration date, smart staking programs, etc.

The fee for all operations is 0,10%, an average fee in the market. Banks’ costs are calculated separately, so don’t forget it when you attach your bank card to your WhiteBIT account.

The platform fits both beginner and advanced traders. It also offers demo trading, where you will improve your skills using demo tokens.

WhiteBIT is the best cryptocurrency exchange in UK for it’s suitable for novice users, charges low fees, regardless of the amount of transaction, and has all possible tools for convenient trading.

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