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The 11 Best Digital Artists

by c-incognito


Argentine art director, Kidmograph is an artist who excels in his style inspired by different futuristic movements. Inspirations sometimes mixed with others like retro style or lofi to create unique works that leave no one indifferent. Kidmograph also loves to use faces in his works to make us feel even better the emotions that are released on us by looking at his illustrations. An artist to discover absolutely for people who love to fully immerse themselves in achievements far from the classic posts on Instagram. 


No need for a big studio to create beautiful images worthy of the best movies, that’s what the artist Calob shows us perfectly with his work as a digital artist. Upon seeing his illustrations, one of the first things that comes to mind is the word magic, yet there is nothing supernatural about his work, just a lot of time and hard work. Seeing Calop’s art in your feed will always give you a small moment of pleasure, thanks to the doors he offers to his universe. If you also want to make such wonders with simple photos, Calob also provides training for his subscribers.
Takashi Murakami

If you follow Billie Eilish, Kany West or J Balvin, you probably already know this Japanese name because Takashi Murakami has simply worked with all these personalities to create very cool graphic t-shirts, shoes and other products. A success that is easily explained by his unique and colorful universe that can add a touch of freshness in any collaboration. This Japanese digital artist is also very inspired by his country of origin, especially its traditional art and animation culture. Different inspirations and prestigious collaborations that allow Takashi Murakami to be a reference today in his field. 

Dan Luvisi

Nowadays, pop culture is a huge source of inspiration for many digital artists. Not only does Dan Luvisi draw inspiration from it, but he also creates beautiful illustrations parodying some icons of this culture. When you see his work, you will never have the same vision of Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson or Batman, but don’t worry, you will love it. If like Dan you are also and pop culture fan, his Instagram account is simply unmissable. And it’s not DC Comics or Universal that will contradict me as they worked with him. 


Mixing nature, intriguing atmospheres and beautiful colors, Gmunk makes us enter his world during the time of small videos perfectly realized. So well realized that Gmunk has already attracted the attention of many big brands like Uber or HBO until collaborating with them. So you too will surely be delighted to discover the talent of Bradley Munkowitz and the magic that emanates from his creations. A discovery that will be even more beautiful if you are already sensitive to the beauty of our beautiful nature and the different feelings it can make us feel. 

Randy Bishop

Specialized in storytelling and character creation, Randy has the gift to show us and make us feel all kinds of emotions. On his Instagram account, you can find mostly characters with facial expressions showing us joy, disgust and all other kinds of human feelings. Randy is also part of the artists whose talent has not gone unnoticed by the eyes of the great brands, having allowed him to have experiences with DreamWorks or Axis Animation. A person to follow absolutely if you want to rediscover the human expressions through superb drawings and digital works. 


You may have already heard this name who managed to sell an NFT for 69 million dollars, but do you know the incredible artist behind it? That’s what you’re invited to do when you discover Mike Winklemann and his illustrations projecting you in worlds more crazy than the others. Looking at his work, which mixes horror, science-fiction or current events, you are sure to enter a questioning phase for several minutes. The kind of digital art work that can make us think for as long as in front of the most beautiful paintings of our world. A digital immersion that we strongly invite you to experience.  

Flore Maquin

If you like digital art and cinema, you will surely love to discover the French Flore Maquin. Since this artist mixes perfectly these things with illustrations inspired by movies like Star Wars, Batman or Indiana Jones. Illustrations that make us directly feel a fresh wind with their pastel colors in a modern style mixed with pop art. An excellent artist to follow if you like graphic design inspired by cult movies and pop culture. This is what Flore Maquin will offer you with her digital art. 

Madiel Lopez

We’ve already mentioned things like unique color mixes, human emotions or the questioning, Madiel Lopez is an artist who takes all of that and adds something more. That something extra is the shapes and symmetries that Madiel has fun manipulating with ardor and precision like a maestro. Madiel’s digital illustrations are the very definition of this art style that can transport us anywhere and in any way. An artist who has unsurprisingly already attracted the attention of major magazines such as Entrepreneur or the New York Times with some of her digital drawings. 

Alex Heywood

In this ranking we have already talked about people who master the surrealist style or are inspired by pop culture, Alex Heywood is an artist who perfectly mixes these things. Alex’s work is a first class train ride into worlds so surreal that it becomes unsettling. Alex’s talent is also expressed in the attention that goes into every detail and color present on these drawings, few could question every one of his thousands of choices in making each of his illustrations. Looking at his digital art is like sitting in front of a class in art school teaching us the importance of precision and consistency in a work. 

Christoph Niemann

We finish this top with a style that we have not yet mentioned and yet very popular in recent years, abstract art. To tell you about it, we would like to introduce you to the prodigious art of Christoph Niemann who has sublimated this style with audacity and renewal. The achievements of Christoph bewitch us by the sublime form of this art that has become a prince in the field of questioning that we wish to make the observer feel. A feeling that this accomplished abstract artist manages to put perfectly in our heads with superb drawings and digital works.


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