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On one side, seeking a job as a challenge for people and on the other side, having an employee is also a long and expensive process for the companies or employers. To connect employers with employees, there are some agent companies that are called temp agencies. The purpose of these Agencies is basically to speed up the process of hiring so as to save the time of not only the job seekers but also the employers looking for employees for different posts. If you are looking for a temp Agency Portland or even search an agency in Austin Texas then keep on reading the post.

Are Temp agencies worth it? 

Everyone wants to have a good job so as to get the handsome salary and to live happy life. Similarly, employers want to add value in your organisation and they want to hire the most Competent Person for the specific post. When it comes to temp agencies, the very common question that comes in the minds of employers as well as job seekers is whether these agencies worth it or not. Well, the answer to this query depends on the agency. If you are relying on temp agency that is highly professional and is working for long time then definitely it is worth it. However, not all the temp agencies available out there are authentic and genuine. If you are lucky to find a good temp agency it will take very short time between applying for a job and be there working on that post.

How to Temp agencies work? 

Every organisation works for some purpose. Some organisations aim at manufacturing different products while others am at providing different services. Generally, these organisations are too busy in their routine tasks that they cannot manage to find the time to conduct interviews and to spend time for hiring process. Things have become easier for them because there are temp agencies working on behalf of different organisations. Actually, whenever there are vacant posts in any organisation, it seeks for the hiring services from a temp agency for which they charge their service fee. Then it becomes temp agency’s headache to hire competent employees for that organization.

Pros and Cons of Temp Agencies 

Now when you have come to know that what are temp agencies and how do they work, you would also be excited to know about their pros and cons. Let’s talk about their pros first: 


  • Reduce the hiring time – if an organisation needs to fill vacant post on emergency basis or within very short time then a temp agency can help that Organisation in this regard. It means that agencies can reduce the hiring time that is very good for organisations. 
  • Effective for employees– Temp agencies are even good in the favour of those people who are looking for a job. We can get a good job with handsome salary within no time. 
  • Deep talent pools– the staffing Agencies have years of experience. In this digital world, make a database of competence candidates. Whenever and organization contacts them regarding vacant post, they get it filled by the best possible person. 


Charge fee- the hiring organizations have to pay a specific sum of money to temp agencies as they enjoy their services. This fee may differ from agency to agency.

Temp Agency Portland:  A Well Reputed Staffing Agency:

When it comes to the temp agency in Portland, the very first name that comes in our minds is Scion. It is actually an award-winning temporary staffing agency. This company is actually a hope for talented individuals who are looking for jobs and even it is great for adding value to different organisations because it provides them with the most skilled workers. Scion staffing Portland specialise in recruiting people having different skills. It is working for well-reputed organisation for example, metropolitan, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Vancouver and Clackamas. The team of this company is really expert in providing the temporary staffing as well as executive search services. 

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Why only Scion Staffing Agency? 

There are different temporary staffing agencies in Portland then why to trust only on Scion? It is mainly because of the following reasons: 

  • Recognised among the best – on the basis of the reviews of different people, it has been found that it is recognised among the best agencies. The company has earned its reputation because of its dedication and commitment to the profession. 

Immediate services– the company is famous because of providing immediate services. Whenever organisations contact them and provide them the list of vacant post, they recommend the most competent people for those posts within just a few days and this makes their organisations impressed. This is why, Scion staffing agency has a good record of its client’s retention.

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