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Well we all know that we Indians love to eat, in our country in each and every corner you will find different food qualities ,different ingredients and different food taste. There are so many recipes for making the same dish which actually enhance and improve its taste and charm. 

In India you can easily find different types of people with different taste account to the geographical difference , season difference, method of making ingredients etc 

One the favorite and must have thing which we all want Is dessert. After having a meal this is one of the many dishes which we are seeking for and without it our meal would be completely incomplete. In India, kesar is the term for saffron 

There are so many types of sweets dishes but the main thing which we seek is it’s taste and it’s taste enhance by its ingredients and one the main and one the most popular ingredients is saffron which is also known as kesar it not just add vibrant color into the dish but it also enhances the taste that sparkling magic in particular sweets is because of this ingredients. 

Well saffron is widely used as a kitchen ingredient in Indian households commonly but it is kind of an expensive ingredient as it’s harvesting and cultivation is so delicate and time taking. Saffron is nothing but just the flowering part of the female reproductive system of crocus sativus plant. It is the stigma and style portion of the flower and it’s delicateness makes it more expensive. 

But it’s taste provided the super aroma into the dishes there are a lot of dishes which you can prepare with saffron 

In India Bengali sweets are incomplete without saffron , saffron taste and color is speciality of bengali sweets 


Some of the dishes which we can prepare easily from saffron are 

  • You can make saffron milk as milk is good spice of energy and everyone drinks milk once in day so why satisfy with the boring taste of milk when you can make it super delicious by adding saffron into it , saffron not only provide taste but also change the boring white color pls saffron has numerous medicinal benefits as well So you can some strands of saffron into your daily routine milk. Saffron milk is very helpful for pregnant ladies. 
  • You can add saffron in milk rabdi which provide you vibrant color and also Improves it’s tate 
  • You can also make saffron kheer , as in india it is quite common to prepare kheer on auspicious time so why boring white kheer add saffron into that and experience the magic of it 
  • Saffron pulao are also very common in biryani style. 
  • You can also make barfi by mixing it into the nuts 
  • You can also make kesar and nits shrikhand 
  • You can also make Kashmiri biryani as saffron is one the main ingredients to enhance its taste more

Along with such there are a lot more recipe of saffron bit always keep in mode don’t over consume saffron otherwise leads to side effects so should be taken into the right value 

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