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If you’re looking for effective rodent control, here are nine simple tips to help you achieve this goal. Rodents are only needing three things to survive – food, water, and shelter. Because houses are more comfortable and provide easy access to tasty foods, they will most likely choose to live in them instead of in other, more isolated areas. To reduce the chances of your property becoming a rodent haven, start by minimizing the areas of your home or business that are likely to attract rodents.

Natural predators can control rodent populations

There are several reasons why domesticated and natural predators are useful in controlling rodent populations. Among them are the ability to create a landscape of fear. When domesticated and wild dogs co-exist, these two species can Rodent Removal populations. A variety of domesticated dogs, including a fox, have been shown to reduce rodent populations. Some studies have shown that feral dogs can reduce pest rodent populations by as much as 90%.

Studies conducted by Peckarsky, P. L., and Bill Banks show that predators rodent control populations. Moreover, they have a long-term effect on rodent populations. Among the most common species of owls are the bald eagle and the owl. The owls have the ability to kill more rodents than their prey. Their high mortality rate may be related to the presence of other animals in the area.

Bait stations are an effective way to control rodents

A bait station is a device that contains rodenticide that attracts the rodents to it. Bait stations come in many shapes and sizes and can be as simple as a board nailed at an angle to the floor or wall. More elaborate stations are made with several compartments for bait and can contain both solid and liquid forms. Bait stations can also be built with hinged lids to allow for easy inspection. They can be used to control several types of rodents in a single area.

Rats and mice are prolific breeders and can produce as many as 50 young in a year. Using bait stations is an effective way to control these rodents. These devices are highly effective and are considered humane by professional pest control. In fact, a bait station can eliminate up to 90% of rodent populations within a year. Unlike the other methods of controlling rodents, bait stations can kill both rats and mice and their offspring.

Traps are placed in secluded areas

To trap mice, you need to place them in places where they are secluded from predators. An attic or the rafters of a garage are good places for traps. Rats will avoid these places if they are not able to escape. Traps should be placed in secluded areas, away from children and pets, to prevent the rodents from escaping.

To use a snap trap, place it near a wall or behind an object. Oatmeal and peanut butter are also effective baits. Traps are most effective in dark, secluded areas. The best places for these traps are places where you have seen rat activity. If the rodents are traveling in a straight line, place the trap parallel to the wall. The rodents will not be able to escape if they get caught in a snap trap.

Keeping premises rodent-free is a New Year’s Resolution

Keeping premises rodent-free is incredibly important for the health and safety of your employees, customers, and business. There are many ways that pests can enter a building, including cracks and utility entries. Keep food waste stored in containers that are resistant to gnawing and storing food in sealed plastic garbage bags is essential for keeping the premises rodent-free. Employee-shared snacks are also an attractive food source for rodents, so make sure they are not thrown out regularly. Additionally, remove all tree fruit and nuts from the premises, as they can attract rodents. Finally, inspect buildings for cracks and gaps and mount storage sheds on concrete slabs.

Pests love clutter and holiday-time decorations and these give them plenty of hiding spaces. When they invade a building, their nests are full of food and can lead to major health issues if they cannot be controlled. Keeping your premises rodent-free is a New Year’s resolution you should make for 2020/21. Keep your premises clean, and you’ll enjoy a healthier and happier life in the new year.


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