See How Much Money You Can Save By Switching To Vaping!

See How Much Money You Can Save By Switching To Vaping!

March 28, 2019 0 By Shweta Pandey

Do you smoke? It’s your choice, your decision, your health, your life and I know that I won’t persuade you to quit even if I quote hundreds of doctors and medical researches saying the same thing – smoking kills. There might be one thing that you care about more than than your health though.

I’m going to write only about the financial aspect of smoking in this article. If it weren’t for my kids, especially the money I spend on raising them, I wouldn’t pay any attention to how expensive smoking really is. My father’s spent about $3200 on cigarettes alone annually, not to mention the additional costs like lighters, burned clothes, ashtrays and the most important thing in our life, the wasted time. By quitting smoking or at least switching to e-cigarettes, you can save quite substantial sums of money.

Whether you smoke or not, it’s worth reading this article. If you like to have a smoke, I have made a calculations, which will help you count how much you have already spent on “cigs” and how much you spend on them every year. And if you are an opponent of smoking or you just don’t smoke and you have friends who have fallen into the grip of this terrible addiction, please show them this article. Perhaps, if they have not been convinced by any arguments so far, the financial argument will be convincing enough for them to quit smoking for good. My father, who drew my attention to this topic, told to me that it’s the scale of savings that motivates him nowadays not to smoke.

Me and The Cigarettes

I was very lucky. I’ve never had a cigarette in my mouth, I don’t smoke and I definitely won’t smoke cigarettes in future. I was also lucky because none of my parents smoked, so (except for my schoolmates) I didn’t have any reason to get addicted. At the same time, I am one of the people who suffer from cigarette smoke very badly. I can feel someone smoking nearby immediately, it irritates me and after a while my head starts to seriously hurt. I must admit that I was really relieved to welcome the prohibition of smoking in public places. And I’ve got the impression that the introduction of this regulations had a very positive impact on the amount of people eating out, for example in the restaurants, rather than eating at home.

However, I completely understand the people who smoke and I sincerely sympathize with them. No matter what pleasure (or any other feeling) smoking gives them, I see first of all its negative sides. Smoking isn’t healthy. But I do understand that addiction is a disease. I fell into a grip of the addiction when I was drinking gallons of Mountain Dew daily. Trying to get out of this habit quickly caused very strange side effects (dizziness, headaches, stomachaches etc.) and the doctor’s recommendation was “Please continue to drink Mountain Dew and stop it gradually, rather than going full cold turkey”.

By looking at my smoking friends I know that it’s definitely not easy to quit smoking. But I also see that sometimes you don’t need any kind of strong motivation to free yourself from this addiction. One of my family members that smoked for years knew that smoking wasn’t healthy, but only after seeing a x-ray picture of another person’s lungs (who wasn’t even smoking, her husband was smoking so she fell a victim to passive smoking) made her quit cigarettes successfully, once and for all.

For others, that reason can be the birth of their child, the beginning of a new year or another complain from a non-smoking partner. Any reason is good enough. If you smoke, I hope that this article will provide you with another argument that it’s just not worth it. I won’t moralize with arguments like smoking is bad for your lungs. I just want to make you aware of how much money smoking cost you – but you probably know it better than I do.

One Pack Per Day

I don’t smoke so I don’t know anything about the costs of smoking. So I ask you not to take the information given in this article for granted. What I am writing results only from a superficial analysis and short interviews that I conducted with my smoking friends and my father. The article is only intended to show the key costs, under certain assumptions, which I made on the basis of the information provided by my dad. If you can add something to this article from yourself, I’d like to kindly ask you for a comment. So, let’s get this show on the road!


Three people surveyed by me smoke on average a pack of cigarettes a day. Usually Marlboro, Lucky Strikes Light, LMs and Vogue cigarettes. The pack usually contains 20 cigarettes. I’ve noticed, that it turns out that it’s more than just a cigarette once an hour. A pack of “smokes” costs on average $6-$7 in the USA. The most accurate data was presented to me by my dad and this is what I base my calculations on. Let’s count:

1 pack of cigarettes a day = $6.50 per pack * 365 days = $2372 per year.

The monthly cost of cigarettes sits at around $200. It’s gonna be useful for further calculations.

In addition to the cost of smoking we should also be add the cost of additional required for enjoying smoking accessories: lighters, matches, chewing gums and other fresheners. Here’s where the testimonies of my interlocutors differ from each other. My dad says that he spends as much as $25 a month on it. One of my friends mentions the negligible cost of a cigarette lighter (around 50 cents), and my dad even includes a few cigarette lighters, because they often get lost (about $3). All in all, I’m not surprised. Why chew a gum to not have a nasty breath if you can have a smoke instead.

However, if my dad actually spends an additional $25 per month, the cost of smoking increases to $225 per month and $2722 per year. You can have a nice holiday in a really good place by switching to vaping.


Vaping as a cheaper and healthier alternative

Even if the financial arguments are convincing, it can be very difficult for smokers who have been smoking for many years to quit overnight. You can try gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke. You can also switch to a substitute for a real cigarette. My dad admitted in a Facebook conversation with me that the e-cigarette really helped him. You can find a vape pen for under $10 and it will last you a long while, and you’ll find great offers at some vape shops — including here at

During the first month after switching to vaping, my friend used 90 ml of the vape juice, which costed him around $40. In February he used the e-cigarette sporadically and it was enough for him to use only 30 ml of this juice, which costed him around $13. He admitted that he hadn’t smoked in March. I strongly support him so it stays this way.

To sum up:

Even assuming that my friend would use 90 ml of liquid per month, its annual costs (including the purchase of the e-cigarette) would amount to $600. I don’t know if he added the costs of the delivery from the online shops, so I will pessimistically assume that this amount should be increased by another $50, which would give a sum of 650 USD. In her commentary below, my Dad mentioned the need to add the cost of heating elements of the e-cigarette, which cost about $3 and which are usually replaced once a month.

Assuming the option of more frequent replacements, it gives an additional $36, so the total cost of e-cigarette would be $686 during the first year of use. Compared to the amount of $3200 spent earlier per year, it gives the sum of $2514 of annual savings. I won’t mention other positive aspects of quitting smoking

If you smoke and somehow this article will cause you to quit, please let me know about it in the comments below. Maybe I am naive, but I believe that there will be at least one such person. It’s gonna be amazing if you are the one and you will share your story with us in the comments below.

I wish that all of you smokers out there will quit smoking and switching to vaping as soon as possible so you could save some money and spend it on much cooler pleasures. A cool holiday in a far away land is the first thing that comes to my mind. Meanwhile, I wish you all a great day!


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