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To withstand the end of the world and survive the dystopian future, you must acquire and be skilled in survival techniques. Knowing what to put in your survival pack will increase your chances of surviving, especially if calamity strikes your face. Finding the correct supplies for survival might be difficult, but subscription boxes make it easier.


These subscription boxes provide you with the essentials you need to survive in the face of disaster. They will also help you save some cash. In some cases, they even cater to your specific needs and preferences regarding survival. Come along with us as we review the best survival subscription boxes.



BattlBox is a field tested survival subscription box that sends you camping, survival, EDC, and other outdoor gear every month to help you prepare for difficult and unexpected circumstances. Four distinct types of boxes are available: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. For all those who are just getting started, basic is the ideal box to go for.


Advanced is for gear junkies. Pro is the right choice if you’re a survivalist. You can also opt for Pro Plus if you are an enthusiast or big spender. Each box is packed full of field-tested, tried-and-true survival items. You can find top-quality gear from brands like MyMedic, Lord & Field Outfitters, and Spyderco.


Crate Club


Crate Club is another great option among outdoor subscription boxes. Former Special Forces members operate the company. Crate Club’s tactical gear membership includes various items, such as tactical clothing for your next expedition and essential equipment for everyday life.


Your subscription box contains different content, values, and prices depending on your subscription plan. In the Captain and Lieutenant plans, you’ll receive a quarterly shipment of basic tactical gear certified by their experts. Pro-level equipment is also available if you wish in the General Crate.


The captain package includes the perfect mix of survival and tactical gear for every day of the week. Other items included in the package include combat helmets, tactical knives, tactical vests, and first aid kits. As far as experienced survivors are concerned, there is no better package than the general package.



Nomadik offers high-end and useful gear that has received the “seal of approval” of renowned explorers. They highlight tools with several uses, some of which also include advanced technologies.


In each box, you’ll find one main product, 1-3 smaller products, and 1-2 educational/inspirational items, all tied together into a survival theme. You will also receive a monthly outdoor challenge that matches the box’s theme. By becoming a member, you’ll get access to great discounts.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes


  1. Items Specifically Picked for You


Subscription boxes include items designed specifically for you, based on your preferences and needs. This can be a major boon for people who dislike shopping or have difficulty finding what they like in stores.


Knowing the items were selected just for them increases the excitement of opening a new box for many people. Getting these “handpicked” items boosts people’s self-esteem and creates a sense of “uniqueness.”

  1. It’s Predictable



Electronic or physical subscription services have a high degree of predictability. When you subscribe to a service, you know the monthly cost of that specific product. You have a better understanding of what you put in the budget and a clearer idea of what to anticipate from the finished result.

  1. Convenience



People who dislike shopping or don’t have the time for it may find subscription boxes particularly appealing. One of the greatest things about this service is that everything is delivered directly to your door. 



Having goodies automatically delivered to your doorstep every month is also a delight. Even vegan subscription box brands automatically ship healthy, vegan groceries.

  1. Potential Savings



When you subscribe to a box with goodies, you’ll often save more than if you bought them individually. For instance, the cost of beauty products in subscription boxes is usually lower than going out of your way to buy them individually. 



Beauty boxes typically cost between $10 and $50, but the value can be up to $150. Other subscription services offer even more significant savings.

  1. It’s Possible to Find the Holy Grail



Sometimes you won’t be able to find the Holy Grail item on your own. It might have to come to you. Although subscription boxes are often personalized for you, they can also be a great way to try things you wouldn’t normally consider.



For example, maybe you’ve never liked lip glosses until you tried the one that hydrates your lips without leaving them sticky or gooey. You may have filled in your brows with pencils all your life before discovering the perfect pomade in your box that gave you the best brows. 



There’s no doubt that subscription boxes are a great example of how a simple treat can make a big difference in your life.

  1. It’s Fun



For most of us, choosing a subscription box is mainly motivated by pleasure. People like looking forward to receiving their next package, and there is an excitement associated with not knowing what they will receive. It’s similar to the excitement you feel when you see a stack of wrapped presents on a holiday or birthday. According to experts, the mystery of subscription boxes might create an adrenaline rush.






You should choose an outdoor subscription box based on how you plan to spend your free time outdoors. Among survivalists’ best subscription box services are those that deliver healthy consumables to boost energy, motivational sources like guides and books, survival gear, tools, and health care products.

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