Vacations- Perfect time for Self Exploration and Skill Growth

Vacations- Perfect time for Self Exploration and Skill Growth

June 25, 2018 2 By Anonymus

Summer vacations are the sole good thing about schools and colleges. Students  wait for them whole year and once they are over they start missing them already.With the summer vacations just going on we have found top five ways to utilize these vacations for you.

Well, nobody wants to study in breaks but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn. There are plenty things every student should do to have fun in their summer vacations with completely wasting them.

Build your CV

Get the AIB reference

If you are doing any bachelors degree then doing internships can be really helpful in your career.Internships increase your work experience, social skills and make you industry ready. There are plenty of websites out there which like internships ( is a top notch).
whilst some students prefer technical internships other go for non tech internships,that can be be because their field of interest is different or because they now don’t have enough skills.

Vacations = Trips

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Summer vacations in rajasthan

Vacations are all about taking break from our mundane life. whilst some people prefer going on vacations to happening places out prefer calm places. Its all very subjective as not everyone is equally cool(just kidding).

some people like going to adventure trips like trekking, some like to go on vacation to peaceful places away from the chaos of the cities while some like to wander around in the world, free as a bird, exploring the unexplored.

There are plenty fishes in the pond, its on you to pick one.

Exploring your PASSIONS

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While some people already know what they like ( as if they always knew) others find it difficult to find what they are good at. Some people are good singers while others are good at theater or dancing, it all changes from person to person.

Summer vacations are a really great opportunity to explore your self. We get enough time to try as many things a we want and great Intel to compare ourselves. You just need to keep yourself motivated.


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Vacations are perfect time to to read. Read any genre, any author, any time and it will certainly help you.It directly affect our thinking ability, concentration power, communication skill,diction and moreover, it makes us wiser(’50 shades of grey’ excluded-No Offence).

Reading can be done while travelling or during the leisure time, to gain knowledge or to understand people better, to increase your vocabulary or to just leave the existing problems behind and take a temporary break from the chaotic world.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

(much needed GOT reference).

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Learning SkillsImage result for learning skills

we discussed that doing internships can make CV’s better but internships require you to be at least moderately skilled in that field. To gain those skills one must be trained in that area or at least should know some basics about the respective field and of course should be willing to learn.

Summer vacations are enough days to learn these skills(most) and be at least eligible to apply for internships. Some people join institutes to keep themselves busy while some learn from books and YOUTUBE. These can be very effective ways to learn new skills and get yourself a head start over others.

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