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How to Build a Successful Pharmacist Career in UAE

There is a growing demand for skilled professionals in Dubai. This also applies to pharmacists, so representatives from different countries go there to earn money and gain experience. A multicultural environment can benefit many. It is good for self-development, developing linguistic skills, and the ability to communicate with people, which is never redundant. 

A work from India is possible if you manage to go through all the stages, which we will talk about below. As for Dubai, it is also chosen for safety reasons. There is a wide range of benefits here, including for a pharmacist, but to get the details, you need to delve into the local law. By the way, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local culture and regulations before you move, so you don’t get into trouble. 

Some employers in the pharmaceutical field may offer career advancement. The main thing is to demonstrate positively not only as a specialist but also as a person, observing the principles of morality. If a company is interested in you and sees you as a prospect, they may offer professional development. Such opportunities should not be missed, because you will need the knowledge in the future, taking into account the fact that progress in medicine does not stand still.

How to become a successful pharmacist in Dubai?

If you decide to advance in the pharmacy profession while in Dubai, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Gain experience gradually. 

If you are just starting, don’t be afraid to start your career with small pharmaceutical companies, stores, and so on. The main thing is to prove yourself positively and gain the necessary experience. If earnings are not a priority for you at the initial stages, you can gain experience through internships or volunteer work.

  • Higher education and certification. 

These aspects are very carefully checked in Dubai. You need to obtain a professional pharmaceutical license. Don’t forget about a number of other certifications that you can find out about directly by communicating with your employer.

  • Communication. 

If you’ve already managed to get a job, but you don’t want to stop there, you need to improve your networking. To do this, you can attend training and presentations by other healthcare professionals. In addition, you will receive one of the most necessary things – knowledge. To this point, you can also add being among other professionals. Talk to colleagues and people who have already advanced in their careers to get more useful information that can help you advance now or in the future. 

Increase your expertise if you see an opportunity. It is useful to develop yourself if you want to obtain other titles and increase your salary, as well as work for more serious and well-known companies in the pharmaceutical industry. 

You can’t build a career as a pharmacist without looking for job openings. The first thing to do is to start looking at job offers from employers through the Layboard website. Type in what you are interested in as a pharmacist and look for suitable offers. Be sure to visit only official and verified sites to get honest offers that actually exist and are published by their Dubai companies. 

What documents do I need to work as a pharmacist in Dubai?

Not everyone can go to work as a pharmacist in Dubai. You have to have a bachelor’s degree in this specialty and a document to prove it. First of all, you need to get a license that will allow you to work in this field. This is issued by the Emirates Ministry of Health and Professional Services or the Dubai Department of Economic Development, after you have submitted the following documents:

  • Copy of diploma in pharmacy.
  • Confirmation of your work experience. 
  • Prove that you have the necessary knowledge and pass the exam. 
  • Certificate of absence of a criminal record.
  • A medical certificate that you are in good health. 

The last step is to pay for the long-awaited license. After that, you can safely apply and start working in pharmacies. 

It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take to obtain such a license. The time depends on many factors, including the characteristics of the pharmacist. For example, experience, how well the exams were passed, etc. Count on the process taking several months, because the state has to process all the documents you backed up. If you have planned that you definitely want to work in Dubai, start preparing in advance. Especially when it comes to documents. In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the nuances in order to prepare more thoroughly. 

What else is important for a pharmacist who wants to work in Dubai?

It is important to learn not only the professional aspects of employment in Dubai, but also the cultural aspects. Pharmacists encounter people of different cultures and nations every day. Accordingly, they must be polite and respectful of everyone. It may take an adjustment period to get used to, and that is normal.

Each employer specifies different conditions. If flexible hours are important to you, keep track of that. For example, day, evening, or night shifts may be offered. Some companies require pharmacists to work on weekends or holidays. Keep in mind that Dubai is a huge and modern space where many people are looking for their place in the sun. So, count on competition and be able to stand out from the rest. Don’t forget about self-development. Keeping track of medical innovations and developments is not difficult. The main thing is to be willing and take the time to pursue knowledge, and not to lose opportunities if they are offered. 

There’s a lot of competition in the pharmaceutical field, too, so get ready to show your best qualities in front of potential employers. Improve your skills by paying attention to market conditions and the requirements of most companies. We haven’t listed all the factors you might need, but using the basic aspects can go a long way toward improving your ranking.

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