Stylish, Functional Gear for Your Bike

Stylish, Functional Gear for Your Bike

January 27, 2021 0 By Anonymus

The best bike gear looks stylish and may prove useful on rides of any length. You should always factor in how, where and when you ride when shopping for gear. For example, it may be possible to transport small personal items or groceries in a wicker bicycle basket mounted on the handlebars or rear cargo rack of a beach cruiser, but a water-resistant pannier might be more functional on hybrid bikes for women. Discover some of the best-looking and most practical cycling gear.

Folding Bike Baskets

If you are seeking a more versatile cargo carrying solution for a electric beach cruiser than a traditional basket, consider a folding design that attaches to the handlebars or rear cargo rack. Folding baskets are made out of many materials, such as fabric, plastic, steel and wood.

Whether you are interested in finding a more functional and stylish basket for carrying cargo or a safer way to bring a small pet along for the ride, you have a choice of many folding bike basket designs. Make sure to securely attach basket hardware to the front or back of your bike.

Smart Theft-Prevention Systems

A growing number of smart bike locks and security solutions are available. Some models make it possible to securely park a bike in locations without anchored fixtures, such as bike racks. Look for a bike-mounted design that locks the frame and front wheel for short daytime stops. Although many next-generation locks have tamper notification and GPS location services, you may want another storage solution for overnight or long-term storage.

Look for a bike lock that syncs with your smartphone or wearable device. This feature allows for auto-unlocking based on proximity. Some models are also made with solar panels to recharge on the go. Many of the latest bike locks look stylish and can stay on your bike frame while you ride for ease of access.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

Recent years have seen the release of several stylish and functional lighting solutions. The best bike lights are water-resistant and visible from every angle to enhance your visibility when riding in low-light conditions.  Check out systems that pair a forward-projecting headlight with a rear brake light that blinks as you slow down.

Wheel lights are one of the best-looking and most functional ways to illuminate any bike. Some designs feature customizable colors or support the display of eight-bit graphics. If you’re interested in making your bicycle a spectacle to behold, look for wheel lights that come preloaded with themes and support custom designs. You can also wear cycling accessories to enhance  personal visibility such as illuminated smart helmets and turn signal gloves.

If you are in the market for stylish and functional ways to carry cargo, secure your bike or increase your visibility, any of this gear may meet your needs. Commuters, fitness and recreational riders can all benefit from the right gear. The ability to carry items you need and secure your bike can make it easier to ride a beach cruiser, hybrid, road or mountain bike as a means of transportation.

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