Stir Fry Pan Vs. Wok

June 11, 2021 0 By Anonymus

You may heard about non stick pans but Stir pan and Wok may be something new for you. I’m sure majority of you not familiar with these traditional Chinese pots.

Wok, an ancient kitchen gadget that is a must part of an Asian Kitchen. This traditional Chinese kitchen gadget is used for making spicy Chinese food that we often have at those Chinese restaurants. Using this tool is not hard but at the same time, not so easy. You need to modify your stove a bit if you want to use this tool.

But do you need a wok that is the necessary question to ask? While a lot of us do get woks to make that delicious Chinese food. But a lot of us end up keeping it far away in our cabinets because we do not know how to use it.

Lastly, we revert to our traditional tool, which is the stir-fry pans. But can stir-fry pans cook the food the same way the wok does? And is getting a wok necessary and if it is, then how it is different from the stir-fry pans. Read more to find out:


Difference between Wok and Frying Pan: Which one is better?

  • Design 

Well, if we talk about the design then both the tools are different in that aspect.

Talking about the wok, this is not like some traditional cooking pan instead designed in such a way that it is capable of cooking the food at high heat. And that is the specialty of the wok. The sloppy walls with the rounded bottom of the wok are made in such a way that all the liquids of the food concentrate on the bottom. The capability of working on high heat is considered the best one when it comes to the cooking of saucy foods. But then one thing important is that our traditional home stoves do not work properly with the wok. Because the heat just gets concentrated on the bottom and the walls remain cool due to which the food is not cooked properly. For that, you need a traditional Chinese-type stove that will heat all the sides of the wok.

Now for the traditional frying pans, we all know these are the flat bottom ones with very moderate sloped walls. Due to the presence of the flat bottom, these allow the food and the liquids to spread evenly on the surface. And these are easy to work with and made according to the flat inductions or common kitchen stoves. You do not need any kind of arms or modification of your stove to work with a frying pan.

  • Construction Material

Now when it comes to the wok, there are not a lot of options but you can surely find a wok of stainless steel, copper, or cast iron. But the most commonly used and sought material is carbon steel. Most of the works are constructed with this material. While other materials may provide a heaviness to the wok, carbon steel does not. Due to this the wok is lightweight, is easy to clean, gets heated evenly, and in no time. Aside from that, the material is durable and resilient.

Considering the frying pan that you can get endless options to choose from. You can get any of your desired material and size when it comes to the frying pan. Aside from that these are even available in nonstick forms that are better. Moreover, the frying pans are oven safe and you can even bake food in them. YOU can even find sets of the frying pans and some sets even come with the lid.

  • Foods to be cooked in a Wok

So what type of food can be cooked in the wok? A wok is helpful when you are trying to save time and want to cook something quick. So foods that can be cooked in just a few minutes can be easily cooked in the wok. Aside from that, if you are cooking something that has a lot of ingredients that need to be combined, then a wok is the best option. You can even stir fry the veggie in the wok and then of course the saucy foods always taste best when they are cooked in a wok.

  • Foods that should be cooked in a frying pan

Now when it comes to the food that is better for the frying pans, when you are working with softer foods then frying can be a good option. Aside from that, frying pans are the best option when it comes to stealing or cooking something dry. Moreover, just like a wok, you can also stir-fry vegetables in the frying pans and of course, the pans are the best option when it comes to making omelets. 

Pros & Cons of Wok Pan


Lightweight so easy to handle

A great option for liquid and saucy foods

Is capable of working at high heat

Quick food cooking

No sticking of the food

Good heat retention


Chances of food to be overcooked

It is prone to rust 

Pros & Cons of Stir Fry Pan


Durable and longer-lasting

Is compatible with the traditional home stoves

Are oven safe

Sleek and smooth design

Easy to clean

Dishwasher safe

Great in handling the meat


Scrapping of the nonstick material

Can be toxic for food

Slow cooking 

Is getting a Wok necessary?

Well, the answer is it depends upon your preference. If you are capable of handling a wok and are aware of the basics, know how to cook in it, and also have the stove for it, then you should get one. But if you do not have these things, then a stir-fry pan can also be used. As it also does the same job but of course there are some differences in the taste and cooking. So go with what suits you and what is easier for you.


Where wok can be a good option for making those hot and scrumptious Chinese foods cooking in, it is a different discussion. If you are someone with a love for Cantonese food, then getting a wok is a good option. So now whenever you go shopping, we hope that you will be able to easily determine which one is the best option for you and whether you should get a wok or whether you should stick to the traditional stir-frying pan.

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