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If you are searching for a professional home builder in the Muskoka region, look no further than Sterne Construction. Their team of skilled craftsmen is ready to help you realize your dreams of a new house. In addition to providing construction services, they are also proud members of OMSA (the Muskoka Stakeholders Association).

You have several options when it comes to choosing a residential framing contractor. Sterne Construction is licensed, bonded, and insured for general liability and workers’ compensation.

The contractor should also be licensed in all states. In addition, the contractor should have the right qualifications, licenses, and insurance. They also provide professional service, so you should choose an experienced residential framing contractor.

Tye Sterne founded Sterne Construction & Landscaping in 2020. Their values are SC&L are straightforward. They believe in constant communication. They are always available via text, email, or phone call. And are always doing their best to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you want quality, you better believe you’ll get it. Every cut, nail, or screw is carefully considered and precisely installed. Contact Sterne Construction and landscaping today; they can’t wait to meet you!

Kitchen Remodeler

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent method to modernize your home while increasing its value. Professional kitchen remodeling services may assist you in making the most of your existing space and transforming it into a beautiful, practical kitchen.

Sterne Construction and Landscaping is a reputable firm with a kitchen remodeling team that can help you realize your dreams. We work with kitchens of different shapes, sizes, and budgets, and our professionals use various techniques and high-quality materials to create your dream kitchen.

One of the main reasons a person may decide to remodel their kitchen is the deteriorating functionality of the space. It can be frustrating to fix an appliance every few months or constantly change cabinet door handles or lights. Sterne Construction Muskoka home builders can solve this dilemma and more! Let us guide you through the process of kitchen remodeling.

Their Muskoka kitchen renovation specialists deal with various kitchen styles, including conventional, modern, and classic. They piece together a cohesive, comfortable, and stylish space using design components and concepts. Every kitchen is different, and they keep that in mind when redesigning.

When deciding on a contractor for a large-scale project, it is recommended to get more than one bid and compare them. Pay special attention to the details of each bid. You’ll want to view examples of previous projects and see a list of verifiable references. By choosing us, you’ll be sure to have your dream kitchen completed on time and within budget.

Muskoka Home Builders

Sterne Construction Muskoka home builders are the most experienced local builders in the area. They were previously Toronto’s exclusive builders with 24K Homes. Michael Stern got into the cottage business about six years ago after rebuilding a friend’s Muskoka cottage. In addition to the typical cottage size, Sterne Construction also builds boathouses. Here’s a brief look at what makes their homes so distinctive.

Their process starts with a group of architectural professionals and skilled builders that are knowledgeable in residential design and project concepts. Every customer can expect hands-on architectural work from our skilled professionals, who can successfully convert their thoughts onto paper. They collaborate closely with highly skilled designers, architects, and engineers to guarantee that your project has all of the resources it requires to succeed.

Moreover, they maintain close contact with clients to ensure that they are kept informed during the design process. We believe in working together to create an amazing, aesthetically pleasing, and useful space. They’d love to construct your Muskoka dream home!

Sterne Construction and Landscaping offers Structural Architecture at its Best Muskoka architecture experts of Sterne Consulting and Landscaping offer structural design and development services that include:

  • Architectural Design Consultation
  • Formulating Plan that Fits Your Budget
  • Years of Design and Architectural Experience
  • Professional Structural Analysis
  • Attention to Details
  • Bathroom Remodeling Services

Please get in touch with their team to visit their website for further details

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