Stepwise Guide to Decide Keywords for Your Blog

Stepwise Guide to Decide Keywords for Your Blog

October 30, 2020 0 By Tech Junkie

If you are a blogger, then choosing the correct keywords ensures that the right content is displayed to the targeted audience. This also ensures that your blog reaches the desired audience. The essential thing while creating content or writing a blog is to reach the targeted audience. Search Engine Optimisation helps in fulfilling this purpose. SEO makes sure that the ranking of your blog is improved. 

Keywords and keyword research form the major part of an effective Search Engine Optimisation. Keywords help the users to find exactly what to look for. What is the role of these keywords, and how can we use them effectively?

Here is a full guide to help you decide keywords for your blog. Read on to get more details about how to enhance your blog with the right usage of keywords. 

What Are Keywords?  

Keywords can be described as short phrases or words added to a blog post to get traffic. It is important to keep the keywords relevant to ensure a better reach. Keywords can also be defined as terms that the audience is constantly searching for. 

Choosing the correct keywords ensures that the right content is displayed to the targeted audience. This also ensures that your blog reaches the desired audience. 

What Is Keyword Research? 

Now that we know that keywords form an important part of writing a blog, let us find out what keyword research is. Keyword research is the process of finding the exact words that people are entering into search engines.  

Keyword research is also helpful in PPC advertising and marketing. There are various tools to help you with keyword research. WhatsMySERP is an essential tool when it comes to keyword research. 

Let’s look at the complete guide as to how you can improve your blog’s reach using the right keywords.

Stepwise Guide to Decide Keywords for your Blog

Keywords help the blog reach the targeted audience. Here are how you can do it effectively.

Make A List of All the Relevant Topics 

The first step to start keyword research is to list all the relevant topics according to your business. The keywords must match the idea of your blog. Look for the topics that are frequently searched by the audience.  

Brainstorm keywords ideas after that. This will ensure that you target the right keywords for the right audience. Look for broad keywords and then drill these topics to find the specific keywords. 

Understand User Intent and Analyze Accordingly

User intent is another important factor in maximizing the reach of your blog. Your blog must address the questions your users are looking for. It is very important to be careful in analyzing the keywords.

It becomes essential that you analyze the blog from the side of the user as well. This will give you a fair idea as to what your users will see on typing the keyword. 

Use Keyword Research Tools

Various tools can help with keyword research. These tools help to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. Whatsmyserp is the most important tool to aid the keyword research for your blog. 

How to Choose the Right Keywords? 

There are various points that you should keep in mind while choosing the right keywords. Some of them are listed below. 


The most important step in choosing the right keywords is to keep it relevant. User intent also comes in as an essential requirement. Your blog will be successful only when it is relevant. It should answer the queries your readers are looking for. The more the relevance, the more will be the reach of your blog. 

Choose from the Head Terms and Long-Tail Keywords

You should choose from head terms as well as long-tail keywords. But first, let us take a look into what these terms mean. 

Head terms are shorter and usually generic. They usually contain one to two words. Long-tail keywords are more specific. They contain two to three words. to make your blog reach a larger audience, make sure that you are using a mix of both the head terms and the long-tail keywords.

This mix will help to create a keyword strategy. Head terms are usually more searched, so using them will give you a longer reach. In case someone is looking for something specific, long-tail keywords will come to the rescue. 

Always Analyze Your Competitors  

Analyze how the keywords are doing for your competitor. It is always beneficial to know and then implement the advantageous points to enhance your blog’s reach. This does not mean that you will exactly use the strategies used by your competitors. It is always advisable to take only the winning points. 

Checklist for Choosing the Right Keywords

  • Make a list of broad and relevant terms
  • Understand user intent
  • Make full use of keyword search tools
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Use a mix of head terms and long-tail terms


Search Engine Optimization is essential when it comes to creating content. The right keywords can help the blog reach the targeted audience. Keywords are essential as they play a crucial role in improving the reach of your blog. Keep in mind that you are researching well for the keywords that you are using.

With the right keywords, reach the right audience and ace the reach. 

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