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Hot days, humid air, insufficient nutrients, pollution, and the hectic schedule of everyday life make hair dull and weak. We try to fix them by using different hair care products, but due to busy schedules and lack of knowledge about the products, it becomes difficult to attain the desired result. 

However, we all know that the only cure to this evergreen problem is the right hair care regime with effective products. A good hair care routine includes deep hair oiling, hair wash, hair conditioning, and intense hair masking. In this blog, we will discuss how to apply a hair mask effectively to get the best out of it. But, before learning the application process, let us first understand what a hair mask is and some points to remember while selecting it.

Hair Mask

Hair masks are a concentrated and thicker version of conditioner. Unlike conditioner, it can be left on the hair for a longer duration. With regular application of hair masks, it is expected to get intense shine and strength in hair. A basic hair mask contains powerful and nourishing ingredients that penetrate the hair and deliver its magic.

Things to consider while choosing a hair mask

How to choose the best hair mask” is the most common question that people ask before applying the hair mask. When selecting a hair mask,  we should take hair type into consideration.

  • For curly hair, hair masks for curly hair growth must be the best choice!
  • For coloured hair, it is obvious that hair strands would require hydration together with a formula that is efficient enough to maintain the vibrancy of hair. 
  • For fine hair, go for a lightweight formula that can suit the needs of hair. 
  • For the thick mane, hair masks for frizzy hair would be the best choice. 
  • If the hair has undergone several chemical treatments, then one should definitely go for hair masks for damaged hair.

Now, after selecting the right hair mask based on the hair type and concerns, the next step is to understand the correct way of applying it.

6 steps of applying a hair mask

Go through the instructions first

There are several important instructions mentioned on the jar or tube of the hair mask that must not be avoided. Go through them thoroughly to know for how long you should keep them on the strands of your hair. The formulators know their products best- and thus, never overlook the important instructions on the product.

Wash your hair

Before hair masking, ensure that your hair is neat, clean and dry. The cleaner your hair, the more nourishment it will absorb from the hair mask. For this purpose, you can use a hair shampoo according to your hair type. The shampoo helps in removing the excess hair oil and dirt from the scalp.

Apply hair conditioner

No matter what your hair type is, don’t forget to apply a hair conditioner. It will help in moisturizing your hair, and getting it ready for the intense hair masking.

Apply hair mask on damp strands

After you have shampooed your hair well and it is damp enough, divide the entire hair into 2-4 parts depending on how thick it is. Make sure you have applied the hair mask all through the lengths of your hair, especially towards the end where the dull, and damaged hair lies. 

(Pro tip: Unless mentioned, a hair mask always goes on the length of your hair, and not on the scalp)

Wrap the hair and leave:

To maximize the results, compress your mask-covered hair in a hot towel. This will help in better absorption and penetration of ingredients. Now, leave your pampered hair for around 10-20 minutes. It’s high time to chase your to-do list.

Rinse properly

Once the mask has settled completely on the hair strands, wash it thoroughly using cold water. This helps in eliminating all the frizziness and keeps the hair smooth even after drying. Also, hair masking doesn’t let the hair get greasy soon.

Hope the aforementioned hair mask application guide will help you in getting soft, shiny, and frizz-free hair easily. 

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