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Are you looking for a way to use the GroupWise files on MS Outlook? Worry not! We got you covered. We bring you “Stellar Converter for GroupWise,” one of the best GroupWise to PST converters in the market. Read this article until the very end to get an overview of Stellar Converter for GroupWise, its benefits, features, editions, and everything that would help you to convert your GroupWise emails to PST format. 


Novell GroupWise has always been a platform that has provided some of the best messaging and collaboration services for businesses. It has helped individuals across the globe share information and makes their work pretty easy. However, in the past decade, the utilization of GroupWise has decreased due to the advancing technologies and shift of the audience to other platforms. 

One such platform that has become pretty popular is Office 365. The platform provides many features and has always come up with innovative options for its clientele. As a result, office 365 has compelled many people to migrate from their previous emailing platforms to Office 365. 

Figure 1: Stellar Converter for GroupWise

However, when performed manually, the migration process is too tricky and risks data loss. This is where the Stellar Converter for GroupWise comes into the picture. The software is the one-stop solution for your conversion needs and converts your GroupWise mails into different formats. We used the converter for some time and brought you this detailed review. Check the review to know to see if Stellar Converter for GroupWise is worth it or not. 

System Requirement for Using Stellar Converter for GroupWise

You only need basic software and hardware requirements to ensure stable performance while using Stellar Converter for GroupWise. Check out the below requirement to install the software  on your system. 

  • Processor: Pentium Class or higher. 
  • Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7,  and earlier versions Memory: 4 GB is the minimum, but we recommend 8 GB for better performance.
  • Hard Disk: 250 MB of free space is enough, but some space is required to export the data of GroupWise file. 

These were the basic requirements for installing Stellar Converter for GroupWise on your system. However, a better set of hardware and software will provide you with better results. 

The Download and Installation 

You can easily download Stellar Converter for GroupWise from their official website, and the installation process is straightforward. All you need to do is click on the Download tab given on the official website and wait for the file to download. After downloading the file, click on it and install it by following the steps and agreeing to the terms and conditions. The whole process is relatively easy and smooth. 

User Interface of The Converter 

The first window you will encounter while using Stellar Converter for GroupWise will be the conversion window that talks about business. You will see the options of convert in front of you so you can directly convert the files required and complete your tasks. The software is not bloated like other converters and is without any extra or unnecessary graphics, which makes the software unnecessarily heavy and annoying while used. 

Figure 2: Enter credentials for GroupWise

With Stellar Converter for GroupWise, you will get a clean and bloat-free experience. To use the software, all you need to do is connect the software with the GroupWise Server and access all the mailbox data. Now you will see a dialog box with many conversion modes, such as Cache, Online, Archive, and Remote. Enter the relevant data based on the options that you have chosen.  

Editions of The Software 

You can use the free or trial version of Stellar Converter for GroupWise ten times. However, to further use the software, you must choose any of the two versions. Then, you can click on the Activation tab and write the license key there. If you have not bought any of the two versions, click on buy now, and your license key will be delivered by mail.

  • Corporate Edition 

The corporate edition of Stellar Converter for GroupWise allows you to convert your GroupWise mail data into EML, PST, RTF, MSG, HTML, and PDF formats. In addition, the version allows you to convert your files in Online, Caching, Remote, and Archive mode. The corporate version costs $199 for one year. Click here to buy it.

Figure 3: The two versions of Stellar Converter for GroupWise

  • Technician Edition 

The Technician version does everything that the Corporate version does but better. You can export multiple files with this version. But it is for $399 from here

Performance of The Software

The software works well when you convert your files into the required format. For example, we used the software to convert a file of 800 MB, which took us no more than 30 seconds. The software could even be used in the background, allowing you to continue with your work. Moreover, even while working in the background, the software does not affect the working of other applications. 

Some Features of Stellar Converter for GroupWise

There are many features of Stellar Converter for GroupWise, such as: 

  • Find Files 

The Find Files feature allows you to find the files that you are looking to convert easily without fishing out for them from the pool of files present on your system. 

  • File Preview 

The File Preview option allows you to see files before you save them. This feature helps you save a lot of time and correct mistakes, if any. 

Figure 4: File Preview

  • Filters

The advanced filters will allow you to selectively convert files on your system without putting in much effort. You can filter out the files based on the date, file type and many more filters.

  • One-click for multiple conversion 

Now, you can convert multiple files with just one click when you are using the Technician version of the software.

  • Log Report 

Log Report gives you a detailed summary of the conversion events that you encounter during the process. It gives you conversion time, file size, and other information about the conversion. 

Pros of using Stellar Converter for GroupWise

Let us now list some of the pros we encountered when we used the Stellar Converter for GroupWise. 

  • The software has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface 
  • It provides you with multiple conversion modes 
  • Get multiple mailboxes conversion in one click
  • Save emails into PST/PDF/MSG/ HTML/ EML/RTF format 
  • Save your contacts into CSV. 
  • Preview your mailbox before you save them. 
  • Ensure original folder hierarchy after conversion.
  • Directly export your mailbox data to Office 365.
  • Use advanced filters for selective conversion.


The Stellar Converter for GroupWise is undoubtedly one of the most robust conversion tools that will help you to migrate your GroupWise email data to PST and other formats. The software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which people with minimum technological knowledge can easily access. Moreover, the software is brimmed with many features that will help you migrate your files easily without any issue. However, the software is not free but worth every penny you spend on it. So now save your time and resources and avoid any chances of data loss. Download Stellar Converter for GroupWise today and get the best conversion experience.

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