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Styling sports shoes for a day out on the pitch or a day supporting your home team for your favourite sports may be easy. You want to go out for a sporty gig and you know exactly what to do and what to wear. You might even call up a few friends and plan the dress code for the day. Also, the day could be long and fun-filled and wearing the right sports shoes is never a worrisome process. However, what if on days you want to just go out for a random walk or evening meetup. It’s not a planned group meetup and you don’t have the time to call a friend for help. Can you still pick the right pair of sports shoes? That could be a little tedious right? Also, boring and time consuming for certain others. Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to style your sports shoes with your jeans.

  1. Try a long sleeve shirt with a round-neck t-shirt and casual jeans. Dark shirt colours with light jeans and a soft colour t-shirt will go well together. Also, to top off the look, choose a pair of sports shoes.
  2. Next, go for slim fit or regular straight jeans to go with pumped athletic shoes. Match this with a regular t-shirt of one solid colour or a printed design. You can go with this look for a night out with friends or an evening stroll or a day out in the park.
  3. Or you could opt for a breezy vintage look from the early 80s. Try wide-legged jeans that start at the waist narrow and pipe down with wider angles at the base. Match these with a loose shirt or with a narrow crop tee to match your style.
  4. Next, try out monochrome pairing. Match black jeans with a black sneaker or even a white with a white. You could also mix and match hues of the same colour or even similar colour tones.
  5. Alternatively, you can style your sports shoe to do all the talking. Pick solid colour jeans and a solid-colour t-shirt. A round or v-neck as per your choice and then pick a vibrant colourful sneaker to go with it.
  6. If you want to create a cool and tall finish, why not pair high-back sneakers with a fitter or regular jeans. This sleek style will go well for a party or a day out on a trek. Choose neutral shades to blend in with the natural setting.
  7. Or if you want to create a more new fashion look, go with cut-off or ankle-length jeans. If you don’t have either opt to cuff the end of your jeans. This look gives a great silhouette to your ankles and shows off your sports shoes well. You can opt for coloured funky sports shoes or neutral single-tone colours.
  8. Also, you can go for denim jackets and ripped jeans. The blue colour will go well with ripped jeans and white sneakers. This cool look will go well for a nice summer day that’s slightly breezy.
  9. On a rainy day why not pick a black or brown hoodie jacket and your favourite jeans. Match it with casual running shoes. Be ready for a short sprint if the downpour is too heavy and you need to get going.
  10. Further, to take it up a notch with a warm carefree style go for a hoodie with pockets in front. Match it with a pair of contrasting jeans and slip on strap mesh shoes if you’re not in the mood for getting serious with laced shoes.
  11. Else go for a long overcoat and match it with dark colour jeans that match the season. Check for the colour of your coat and for a sports shoe that blends well with the coat. A single-tone shoe or one that contrasts the colour of the coat.
  12. Go for a striped polo shirt or sweater for the all-cool always in motion look. Stripes give a sense of movement and fluidity. Pair this with jeans and a smart single-colour sports shoe of your choice to maintain the balance.

These are just of the many ways you can style sports shoes with jeans and other overlays. Let these ideas give you a kick start on days you want to style your look. Be prepared to mix and match and always look and play the dressed part. These free styles are simple and can be easily arranged for any occasion. Be ready to be on time in style for the day’s theme. Choose from various monochrome styles or go flash colour. Pick up the most retro off-beat sports shoe you find to be the centre spotlight on some days. Never let an opportunity to style your shoes for the time and season slip away. Be ready and on the move with the best sports shoes.

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