Sound of Sun: What does the Sun’s atmosphere sound like?

Sound of Sun: What does the Sun’s atmosphere sound like?

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Sound of Sun

The mysterious frequency with an immense  amount of cosmic energy

Sci-fi movies are growing popular nowadays but still some of the scenes are criticized to a large extent. For example, the explosion scenes in the movie with a bang sound. Since there is no atmosphere in the interstellar space how will the sound waves reach to us. Sound of Sun is a mysterious concept.

So the claims done by NASA scientists as well as professors like James Van Allen, are they true about the sound of sun? Or they are just a hoax misinterpreted by people.

The results were on the basis of Plasma Wave Instrument on the spacecraft Voyager 1. Strictly speaking, they never claimed that they recorded a particular sound OM or AUM. In fact results about the sound of sun were on the basis of plasma waves recorded into the heliosphere. It is the region of magnetic field surrounding the earth.

So today in this blog you will come to know astonishing facts about the sound of the sun.

The Sound of Sun recorded by NASA

sound of sun nasa

  1. The Plasma Wave Science instrument did not record any sort of sound. They detected the waves of electrons in the gas that is ionized in the heliosphere.
  2. The astronomers discovered coronal loops that are the magnetic loops outside the sun’s atmosphere. Hence they recorded satellite images of such magnetic loops.
  3. They recreated the visible vibrations in the outer space of the Sun through loudspeakers and found it can be heard on the video launched by NASA. This was the first attempt to record the sound in sun’s atmosphere.
  4. The visual vibrations resembled like strings being played on a musical instrument. Although the motive of the study was to know about the increased solar activity and all but some mysterious results were derived from these visual vibrations.
  5. Later the second result was when the Voyager 1 crossed the heliosphere region initially the Plasma waves of frequency near 300 Hz were recorded and when it crossed the region, the sound became of the order 2 to 3 kHz which depicted the density of plasma gas in interstellar space.

This surprised the NASA scientists and Gurnett claimed that we are in a totally unexplored region of the COSMOS.

Is the Sound of Sun really OM?

  1. If you try to hear the sound it will sound Om but do remember that the speed of the wave has been altered so it may cause a change in the frequency.
  2. These are not actually sound waves but the conversion of visual vibrations to sound vibrations.
  3. There are many phenomenon happening in the sun and around it like the whoosh sound that is due to the convection in the hemisphere.
  4. There can be many incidents in the universe where we can turn one kind of vibration to other into some other sound.
  5. Om corresponds to 432 Hz experimentally.

So it can be concluded that it is not a hoax but still a clear theory has to be developed for the phenomenon of the sound of sun (OM) recorded by NASA.

The significance of OM/AUM:

  1. Om is a very sacred symbol in the Hindu religion.
  2. According to Hindus and Jainism, state that the whole universe and consciousness is just a manifestation of the vibration OM.
  3. Many priests, yogis have stated that in deep meditation state they only hear the Sound Om. Om is the vibration of the Universe.
  4. “Aum” or “OM” is also regarded as the “SOUND OF SUN” and “SOUND OF LIGHT” in vedic texts like Rig VEDA and Bhagwat Gita.
  5. Pythagoras also suggested that all the spheres like the SUN, Moon or earth have their orbital resonance as the whole cosmos is following a pattern.
  6. NASA does not clearly claim that the atmosphere of sun resembles the sacred Hindu Symbol but still, most of the yogis claim that it is the vibration of deep space and in the deepest state of meditation they only hear OM.
  7. When the consciousness of a person expands to the ultimate level, then he can hear the sound of deep space: OM.
  8. Even if somebody states this or not you can experience this yourself by OM Chanting. It is very peaceful and enhances the focus of mind.

What Happens when we chant AUM or OM: Sound of Sun


Why Om sound is so peaceful?

  1. In the Vedic texts, there are a lot of scientic texts about the frequency of cosmic background.
  2. Quantum physics that is the biggest achievement of modern science. It has now started clearing about the mysteries at the sub atomoic level.
  3. At the sub atomic level, every particle is just energy in the form of a vibration. Vedic Science prooved this long back. Quantum physics is prooving it in today’s date.
  4. Everything around us is energy. Even it is not visible in the vibration form in by naked eyes.
  5. Big bang theory states that the universe was a single point before it exploded. It had a unique and only one frequency but after it, every particle resonates at the deepest level with this unique frequency this frequency the s frequency of AUM
  6. Om chanting creates complete pure vibrations in our body. It makes us resonate with other parts of the universe and all the creations and nature.



  1. It creates an aura of positive energy around you. You are in your purest state and feel happy without any cause.
  2. It also affects the people around you as it purifies the environment.
  3. It improves the focus and concentration of mind.
  4. You will have a feeling of gratitude for everything you have even the smallest thing.
  5. Om chanting decreases blood pressure significantly and makes the heart healthy beat at its normal rhythm.
  6. The magical frequency kills anxiety problems with a more control over thoughts and emotions.
  7. It strengthens the vocal cords and its muscles.
  8. When OM is chanted in a group its effects are amplified and benefits are increased.
  9. The UUU sound benefits the thyroid glands and hormones.
  10. It makes your spiritual journey more beautiful and clear as it helps in self-realization.

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More about Sound of Sun:

The best reference of about the sound of sun in the interstellar space is the official link by NASA-


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