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Solar Tracker Software: Is It worth It?

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Through solar tracker software, one can access the performance of their solar system anytime and anywhere. This device can be mounted on a photovoltaic panel, which can be used to generate electricity. This system helps the solar panel follow the sun in the sky and produces more renewable energy to use. The Solar Tracker System works by improving the solar panels’ exposure to sunlight and increasing the amount of energy produced. But yes, it does come with a very high price, which leaves many to wonder whether it is worth the investment. To determine whether it’s worth the investment, let’s understand more about what Solar Tracker Software is, how it works, and the advantages offered: 

What is a solar tracker?

A solar tracker is a device that helps the solar panels to follow the sun’s path as it moves throughout the day. It helps the solar panel produce more renewable energy to use. These trackers are usually used with ground mount solar systems and rooftop-mounted trackers. There are different types of solar trackers, so the way that they function varies depending on the type that you have decided to use. These are some of your options, manual solar trackers, passive solar trackers, and active solar trackers. The manual solar tracker, as the name suggests, requires a person to physically adjust the panel throughout the day to follow the sun’s path. The passive solar tracker comes in the form of a liquid, with a low boiling point that evaporates when exposed to solar radiation, and the system, which causes the system to tilt towards the sun’s direction. Active solar trackers rely on the motor and move the PV panel as the sun moves. The active solar tracker is the most convenient but will require high maintenance costs. 

What Are The Benefits of A Solar Tracker Software? 

Many homeowners and businesses invest in the solar system as it can help save money and is environmentally friendly. When it comes to the cost of the software, it will vary depending on your preference. The solar tracker software offers many benefits, so let’s take a look at how it offers benefits. Since the solar system and trackers are a big investment, the goal is to maximize the return, and this can only be done if the system is well-maintained. Therefore, regular solar panel repair and maintenance is a necessity. And for this, the solar tracker software can send signals and alerts whenever there are issues whenever it detects an issue, such as a power dip. So, when this happens, the user can get the help required before the issue escalates. The software can also send alerts based on your schedule for regular maintenance. 

How Does The Software Work? 

The PV tracker software works according to different sector-specific since there are different tools available according to different industries, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. But most of the software does work in a similar way. The software is usually connected to the PV system’s inverter using a wireless sensor and receiver that usually way. And this system collects real-time data throughout the day allowing the user to track the performance of the system. 

Features Of Such A Software: 

Most of the solar tracker software comes with different features, but they usually include email and text alerts, performance tracking, panel-level monitoring, accessibility, and provide real-time solar consumption data. Users can configure the software to send performance and issue alerts. You can use it to see how much energy was generated hourly, daily, weekly, or annually. One common benefit that many people love is the easy accessibility option it provides to the users, the user can can gain access to it anytime and from anywhere. 

Solar Tracker Software offers many benefits, so if you are wondering whether it is worth to invest in one, it is. 

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