5 Social Media Design Tips and Tricks for Creating Share-Worthy Images

5 Social Media Design Tips and Tricks for Creating Share-Worthy Images

October 19, 2020 0 By Tech Junkie

There are more than 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. This represents half of all people on the planet. Instagram alone has had 50 billion photos uploaded to their network.

With so many accounts out there you will need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get noticed. You may be surprised to learn how simple social media design can be with these 5 design tips and tricks.

Better Social Media Design

Photography and graphic arts are not just for the pros anymore. With a little creative imagination, anyone is a mere few clicks of their mouse away to share-worthy images. Here are 5 awesome design tips:

1. Ideal image sizes

Every social media platform is different when it comes to there recommended image sizes. for example, YouTube recommends 800 x 800 for profile pictures, and Twitter is 400 x 400. Here is a detailed guide for Twitter Header Image Sizes.

Do your research and know what image sizes work best for the social media sites you post to. Use your favorite image app to resize your images before uploading them.

2. Layering Images with PowerPoint

A little known secret among design circles is the power of using PowerPoint to create complex and layered images. Think of the PowerPoint slide as your canvas.

Insert a background, textured shape, or template to begin with. Add PNG transparent images, text art or boxes, clipart, frames, and whatever else you want in your design.

Bring it all together with the “group” function under the “format” tab. Right-click the image and choose to “save as picture.” You instantly have a layered photo for your social media post that is guaranteed to impress.

For a final touch, insert the picture into a new slide and apply a filter or adjust the brightness, contrast, or color settings. Applying artistic filters can bring the different layers together giving them the feel of belonging together.

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3. Photo Labs

Online photo labs offer a one-click solution for making your photos look awesome. Just choose a free template and apply the filters and screens to your photo. If you pay a few bucks you can get your photos without watermarks. Photo labs make designing for social media as easy as it gets.

4. Image Manipulation Software

There are hundreds of free and paid image manipulation apps these days. They vary in their sophistication but they all have easy to use functions to make your photos better. No need for formal training just start experimenting with the functions and you will soon be a pro at it.

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5. Use Some Filters

Don’t be afraid to experiment and post some unique photos. You might be surprised by what you come up with if you combine some filters to a photo. What do you have to lose? Try plastic wrap, glow edges, concrete, fabric, oil pastels, sketch, and combinations for some really cool effects.

Caught Their Eye

Unique creative artistic images are going to get attention on social media. Thanks to modern digital technology anyone can be an amazing artist and make a splash.

Social Media design doesn’t take a degree in Graphics arts but it does take some desire to be different. Read other articles and stand out from the rest.

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