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Smashing Cake Ideas To Spruce Up your Kid’s Birthday

by c-incognito
Smashing Cake Ideas

Birthdays are special days to celebrate the gift of life. Every birthday is a benchmark to celebrate achievements with near and dear ones. Cakes are the staple for celebrations, and the cake cutting and feeding time are some of the most awaited moments on all occasions. Make lasting impressions on your kid’s womb escape day with a smashing cake surprise. However, there is a wide variety of cake types, flavours, and designs for all occasions. Online cake stores provide a straightforward way for anyone to take the celebrations a step further. We share smashing cake ideas to spruce up your kid’s birthday in this post.

Number and alphabet cakes

Being self-explanatory, number and alphabet cakes are some of the most popular birthday cakes. So, let the birthday girl/boy enjoy their special day without having to answer the age-old questions “Who is the birthday person” and “How old are you?”. You can turn things around with number cakes, like arranging cupcakes to form the number or alphabet letter design.

Chocolate cakes

Chocolates are irresistible delicacies to make gatherings like birthday parties cherishable. Pamper your sweet tooth, little one and guests with a lip-smacking and well-decorated cake. The most popular chocolate cakes to consider for the surprise are Kit Kat cakes, Ferrero Rocher cakes, coffee cakes, and chocolate truffle cakes.

Pinata cakes

Are you planning to wow your little one with a cake filled with surprises? Then, the trending pinata cakes will do the trick for you! Pinata cakes, just like the traditional pinatas, have the crust to break for the presents. The cakes will be hidden in a mesmerising chocolate crust. Melt your little one’s heart with an enticing heart-shaped, circle, or half-circle pinata cake, among others.

Designer cakes

Have a future fashionista in the house? Inspire your little ones to pursue their dreams with heart-melting designer cakes. Designer cakes are customised to imitate fashion designs and products. And when it comes to designer cake options, you are spoilt for choice. In addition, you do not have to mix the dough yourself! You can simply place a designer cake order in Chennai, hassle-free!

Jungle theme cakes

Kids love to learn, and the most common first lessons for them are animal names. Leave your little ones ecstatic on their womb escape celebrations with jungle themed cakes. The best part about themed cakes is that anyone can create one, provided they have the tools to mould, food colouring, and ingredients. To save yourself from the hassle, you can also order a freshly baked theme cake ahead of time.

Cartoon cakes

Cartoons are the most popular TV shows for kids and the young at heart. Touch your kid’s heart with a cartoon birthday cake. Finding the ideal cartoon characters for your little ones will be like taking a walk in the park since you know their favourite shows and characters. Consider trending cartoon characters like Chotta Bheem, Micky Mouse, Barbie, Minions, Peppa Pig, and Cars Cake.

Half cakes

Are you planning to throw a small party for your baby? Then half cakes are the perfect pick. You won’t have to worry about handling leftover cake since the cake is just enough for the small gathering. Take the cake surprise a step further by decorating the empty space with treats and decorations, among other things. Check out trending half cakes for kids on online cake bakery stores and social media platforms.

Fruit cakes

Doctors and medical practitioners recommend that a diet with fruits is a healthy one! Express love and best wishes to your baby with a lip-smacking and healthy fruit cake. The amazing part about fruit cakes is the variety of fruits that can be incorporated into them. You can decorate the cake with diced apples, berries, bananas, and more! Surprise your little one with a fresh fruit cake that has his/her favourite fruits.

Photo cakes

A picture is known to contain more than a thousand words. Convey all your love and best wishes to your baby with a birthday photo cake! You can adopt many design options from other cake categories like tier, chocolate, and fruit cakes. So, choose the best Instagram photos of your baby and have them incorporated into the 1-year birthday cake.


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