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Skiing courses are the best ways and safest ways to learn skiing and be a professional skier. If you wonder how on the high slopes, skiers glide down smoothly and with a thrill, then you must consider the skiing course. The skiing course provides you the learning with practice from the very basics of skiing. And to do your skiing course, nothing best than doing your course in Kashmir.

Kashmir offers the best slopes for beginners which makes these places ideal for skiing courses. Gulmarg is one such hill station in Kashmir where you can learn skiing.

Why Do Skiing Course

There are many reasons why you should go on a skiing course. One of the most important reasons is that the course is safe and secure. Cliffhangers India’s skiing courses are safe. They have qualified and experienced ski instructors, proper improved rescue and emergency measures with the best ski equipment. They are a government-provided licensed ski company in Kashmir.  

Another reason why should go for skiing courses in Kashmir is the best learning you will have in these courses. The courses teach you from the basics and make your practice under the guidance of ski instructors. You will have the proper techniques by the end of the courses. 

There are mainly three ski courses. One is for beginners who have never done skiing before, another is an intermediate course and then there is an advanced ski course which makes you ski from the high slopes of the ski. 

  • Where to do skiing courses in Kashmir

In Kashmir, Gulmarg is the ideal destination for your skiing courses. It has the best infrastructure and means that makes you finish your ski courses smoothly. Also, it is the most accessible place in Kashmir, only 2.5 hours from Srinagar airport. Another destination is Sonamarg. Recently the place has been thrown open for winter as well. And many companies offer their skiing courses in Sonamarg as well. It has beautiful ski slopes and the landscape here is breathtaking. 

Skiing courses in Kashmir are now famous across the country. A lot of beginners come here for courses and leave with a certificate and ski learning. 

  • How many days are ideal for skiing courses in Kashmir

The minimum number of days you need to learn the basics of skiing is 5 days of courses. This is the introduction to the skiing which makes you stand on your ski safely and ride down the baby slopes. Another duration is 7 days and then 10 days. In 10 days you will be covering intermediate-level skiing as well. You will be taken to the higher slopes and you will be made to ski down yourself after being given proper training in the baby slopes. A 10-day ski course is ideal if you want to experience the best ski course. This will give you confidence and will make you independent in skiing. You will then do skiing without any instructor after finishing the 10-day skiing course in Kashmir.

Once you have finished your skiing course in Kashmir, you will be able to ski anywhere in the world. Whether inside India or outside, skiing in Kashmir will make you do skiing runs on any slope anywhere.

  • Where to stay for skiing courses in Kashmir

In all the ski destinations of Kashmir, you will find hotels. In Gulmarg and Sonamarg you will see a variety of hotel categories. From five-star to basic stay options are available which make you a lot of choices. The basic hotels are without central heating, however, they provide electric blankets, room heaters, etc to keep the room warm. In high-end hotels, you will have a complete central heating facility. 

You will also find some hotels which offer the best snow mountain views. You can choose online the hotels and check their locations. A hotel with a fantastic view of snow-clad mountains is a treat to the eye. 

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