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A pet can be a close companion that makes your worst day feels better. Cats and dogs are the most common pets kept in most homes. However, keeping them can also mean dealing with colossal amounts of hair, and having to constantly clean pet hair constantly.

Shedding of hair is a natural occurrence in the life of a pet, a way in which it replenishes its hair and keeps it in good form. However, it can make your smart home uncomfortable by overtaking carpets.

Keeping your home free of pet hair is simply good housekeeping, and it makes your stay there a lot more comfortable. It’s sometimes a bit challenging to keep your pet’s hair from floating all over the house, but you can always manage it by applying a couple of simple tips.

Effective Techniques to Clean Pet Hair

First and foremost, you should try and choose a pet that suits your lifestyle. Some dogs require a lot more attention than others. If you don’t have the time to spend with them, you’re probably not going to have any time to tidy them up either.

So it’s important to keep a pet that you feel you can manage unless you don’t mind your home covered in fur. You can train your pet using the collar so that your pet will be more obedient to your commands.

Brush your pet regularly to remove loose hair. Every kind of hair needs brushing, and this action controls the growth of hair. You should consult your veterinarian on what type of brushing your pet requires since different animals have different coats. One type of brush will not work for every pet.

Brush your pet outside of the house, if possible. This reduces your workload of having to clean up your furniture and/or carpets. If you are not able to brush outdoors, try to do it on a hard floor to ease your work.

Always keep brushes handy in places where your pet hangs out most. This will ease the clean-up process, and work as a gentle reminder.

Types of Furniture & Decoration Surfaces

You should also know what type of cleaning will work best with cleaning pet hair. Apply moisture and rubbing techniques on upholstered furniture or carpeting. Use a sponge for hardwood floors and other slick surfaces.

Consider the type of furniture and ornaments in the home. Some furniture and carpets attract hair a lot more than others. Your life becomes a lot easier when you know the type of pet you have (or getting) and install furniture that is easy to clean.

Leather furniture is not friendly if you keep a dog. Even though it’s a lot easier to tidy up, nails can scratch the upholstery and damage it. You should place throws for your pet to lie on or keep off the coaches.

Flat fabrics do not collect a lot of hair and dirt, hence it is recommendable. Use covers in your furniture since they work well. They keep the hair off reducing the hassle of cleaning.

How to Clean up Pet Hair in Your Home?

Look for a vacuum cleaner that’s designed specifically for pet hair cleaning. Pet hair vacuums are generally stronger and can collect hair trapped in different locations. Use a vacuum hose to free your furniture of hair.

Use a fabric sweeper on upholstery surfaces. By employing the above simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your home free of pet hair. Before buying a new pet, understand how to tidy up, which furniture and decorations to install, and how to clean inevitable messes.


Well, with those simple tips and if you apply them while cleaning your house, you will notice that you can get rid of pet hairs easier and faster. Getting rid of pet hairs in your home can be crucial especially any of your family members are suffering from allergies or asthma.

Of course, it’s even better if you can get a reliable pet hair vacuum to tackle your pet hairs as it’s necessary if you have several dogs at home. Hope that you can apply the points outlined in this article for a cleaner house and freshen the air.

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