Home Fashion & Style How the Bridal Look is totally incomplete without Silver Maang Tikka’s?

How the Bridal Look is totally incomplete without Silver Maang Tikka’s?

How the Bridal Look is totally incomplete without Silver Maang Tikka's?

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Silver Maang

Females love to wear Jewelry like Silver Maang Tikka’s on special occasions, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or birthday. From head to toe, from ear to ankles, there is a jewellery piece for every part of the body in Indian culture, and apart from cultural and religious significance, these jewels have some scientific reason behind beautifying them. One of the best jewels to bring the elegant look for the bride is Silver Maang Tikka’s, and the entire look will feel incomplete without this silver Maang Tikka. Pick up the right Maang Tikka for your wedding after considering the below-mentioned points.

Tips for picking the right Maang Tikka for your face 

  • Oval shape face 

It is best to select the Maang Tikka for your wedding after learning about the shape of your face. An oval face is symmetrical and is thought to be the easiest to style a Maang Tikka on. When you have an oval-shaped face, you can give a try with almost any style of Maang Tikka. As a result, you can continue experimenting with different types of Maang Tikka based on current trends. Various types and styles of Maang Tikka are there and the Silver Maang Tikka is best among every other Maang Tikka.

  • Round shape face 

People with round faces could not try out because everything adds to their chubbiness. Choosing the right Maang Tikka that matches your chubbiness will bring a graceful look to you. Avoid putting it on your brow, and instead, push your Maang Tikka back, so it does not cut off your face’s height. Stay away from Maang Tikka with a large pendant that will provide an incomplete bride look without Maang Tikka. Online jewellery in India will show you Maang Tikka without the large pendant.

  • Square shape face 

When you have a square shaped face with a jawline and cheekbones, don’t give the chained Maang Tikka a try. It should be something that softens these angular features and gives a chance for the silver Maang Tikka online. The silver Maang Tikka will grab the attention of everyone towards you, and it is perfect for photographs. It will give you a stunning look for the square shaped face at your wedding, and if you try some other design, it will look like the absence of Maang Tikka for the bridal look.

  • Heart Shape face 

If your face is heart-shaped and has a wide forehead and a pointed chin, choose a Maang Tikka that highlights your jawline. Maang Tikka with multi-strands and chains would suit your face shape perfectly. Avoid the thick Maang Tikka in favour of the slight ones with multi-chains. A crescent-shaped Maang Tikka would also be an excellent choice for concealing your broad brow.

  • Oblong shape face 

Suppose you have a long and narrow face, a chunky Maang Tikka would be an excellent choice. Maang Tikka, wide pendants, and chunky Maang Tikka will give your face width and make you look stunning. You can try out with different types, just like the Oval face shape, but remember to choose chunky ones. Avoid anything angular or long, as it will make your face appear even longer.

Bottom line: 

Finally, these are the face shapes of human beings, and you have to wear the right Maang Tikka that matches your face shape. Wearing a wrong Maang Tikka will surely spoil the overall bridal look and it looks like a face without Maang Tikka.

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