Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

If you’ve noticed that the wood on your window frames is warped or rotten, or that your double glazing is failing, then it might be time to have your windows replaced.

Wooden window frames are notoriously difficult to maintain. This issue is that once the wood starts rotting, there is very little you can do to stop the decay or properly fix it. Rain damage is perhaps the biggest threat to your wooden window frames. Trying to repair the affected windows to restore their good looks and performance can prove to be very difficult. However, if you fail to address the rot, it will get worse, making it even more difficult to open/close the windows and further degrading their performance.

On the other hand, poor-quality uPVC windows can become warped when exposed to heat, and they are also prone to discoloration.

Some obvious signs of double-glazing failure include water leaks, scratches, chips, cracks, holes, moisture build-ups, and reduced ability to control your indoor temperature. As a side point, you might want to take a look at Windows Blandford Forum.

A spike in your energy bills

The condition of your windows can significantly impact your home’s insulation, which affects the energy efficiency of your home. If your windows are old or inefficient, you are likely to incur high energy bills. This is because your windows will have a reduced ability to retain your indoor heat during winter or keep out the outdoor heat during summer. Thus, your heating and cooling system will have to work much harder to maintain the desired temperature. If the area around your windows feels much cooler than the rest of the room, then it is a good sign that your windows aren’t in good shape. You need to check for gaps in the frame.

Keep in mind that most old windows use a single pane, making them more vulnerable to leaks. You should consider replacing them with double-glazed windows with margin gas and low-emissivity (LoE) glass to minimize heat transfer.

Trouble opening/closing the windows

This is one of the most obvious signs that your windows need to be replaced. Keep in mind that windows can be a key escape route in case of an emergency.

There are different reasons why a window might be impossible to open. For starters, it might have been painted shut. While this might have improved its aesthetic appeal, it isn’t worth it if it affects its functionality. Another reason for an impossible to open window is a warped frame. This commonly affects uPVC windows. uPVC window frames tend to expand during hot weather and contract when it cools. When this happens repeatedly, the frame may lose its original shape. Foundation problems are another cause of stuck windows. If your foundation has shifted, the frames may become misaligned leading to problems opening and closing.

Your home isn’t soundproof

Newer windows have the added benefit of superior acoustic insulation which significantly reduces the amount of noise getting into your home from outside. This is highly useful if you live in a noisy neighbourhood. If you are able to hear the noises from outside clearly in your home with your windows shut, this is a good sign your windows are inefficient. Investing in quality new windows will help you preserve your peace and quiet.

Presence of cold drafts

If your windows are drafty, you will end up using more energy to heat up your home than you would with quality new windows – in some cases, up to 25% more energy. Thus, by investing in new replacement windows, you will realize significant savings on your energy bills in the long term.

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