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Signs That You Need a New Washer

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With the world being upside down, family heads are pickier with their expenses. One tremendous example is deciding when to buy a new washing machine. Understandably, you need to maximize your old washing machine, but there are limits.

Knowing when to dump your old washing machine is difficult, especially if you have budget issues. If you are managing a laundry shop, you have to repair old washers and upgrade for new ones constantly.

But, a laundry expert said, all you need to do is identify the signs that your old washing machine is not worth utilizing anymore. All of that must be taught in making such decisions from its efficiency, lifespan, features, and overall performance.

Washing machines won’t last forever, and you might want to highly consider purchasing a washer if you have been experiencing the issues listed below. Here are vital signs that you need to buy a new washing machine:

1. Unbearable Mechanical Noise

A loud, noisy washer is way too annoying. Weekends are ruined if you encounter this regularly. But what’s worse, it is a clear indication that your washing machine’s motor is not working as it used to be.

However, the problem could simply be that the washing machine isn’t positioned correctly. It must be placed on a level surface. Just look for the balance by adjusting its feet. If balancing your washing machine doesn’t tone down the noise, then the problem could be mechanical issues. It could be worn belts or pulleys or motor issues.

2. Overall Energy Efficiency

Another legitimate reason to purchase a new washer is overall efficiency. The more efficient your washing machine, the more money you will save on electrical and water bills. The current energy star washers typically use 25% less electricity and 45% less water when compared to older washer models. 

Why? Because new washing machine models regulate the amount of water utilized per the size of the laundry load, which old washing machine models do not have. As for electricity consumption, many new washing machine models have 19% more efficient inverters than washing machines with non-inverter motors.

3. Water Leakage

This is such a bummer! It is a waste of water, and it can significantly affect every washy cycle’s overall performance. If the leak is from a broken part or seal, you should critically weigh the repair cost against buying a new one. However, just consider buying a new one when the tub has a small crack because that is beyond repair.

4. Lifespan

Typically washing machines are designed to have a life expectancy of up to 11-years. But some factors may hasten or prolong its lifespan. As a safety factor and a guesstimate, you can replace your washing machine if it serves you for 6-9 years.

If you desire new technology and features, you can do it annually as long as you have the financial capability.

Final Thoughts

In washing machine models, new will always be better! Great thanks to the non-stop study of big washing machine companies for providing high-quality and modernized washing machines. Heck, a washing machine 3 years ago can be considered an old model due to the constant evolution of washing machines.

Now that you know all the signs you need to purchase a new washing machine, test yours out and decide if it is still worth operating.

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