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Signs That It’s Time to Replace a Roof and Signs That You Have a Bad Roof

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The roof is the main structure that protects our home from the elements since its covers our home to the top. They are supported by walls whose structure is also connected to the roof. Therefore choosing high-quality materials made for your roof is essential. Checking your roof for repairs should be done regularly to know the condition of your roof and get them repaired f they need to. You can contact a local roofing contractor if you can not do the job yourself, however, it will be wise to be knowledgeable about the signs on when your roof needs replacement.

When to Replace your Roof?

Water Damage in the Upstairs or Attic. 

You can tell if there are issues on your roof by merely observing the presence of watermarks on your ceiling or attic walls. F there are yellow or brown marks this is an indication that water is leaking from your roof. Peeling of paints can also be an indication that you have a leaking roof, call your roofing contractors to check on your roof since they can provide the right tool to be able to go up your roof and check the main issue. 

The Roof Has Outlived its Lifespan. 

The life span of roof materials varies, so better to know how long is your roof lifespan so you can gauge if they need replacement already. The longest lifespan for roof materials is 40 years if you use clay tiles. If your roof has reached its lifespan there is a big tendency that it is not suitable to perform its function anymore. 

The Roof Sags. 

Sagging can be caused by the rotted board under your roof, if this pursues it can cause more damage. Once you notice some of your roof getting saggy call your roof contractor to inspect and fix the issue immediately. 

Moss, Mold, or Fungi Have Taken Over. 

Trapped moisture in the roof can cause moss, mold, and fungi to grow. This will be bad for your health and it can ruin your roof. You can get rid f t by brushing your roof or contacting your roofing contractor to o the job for you since they have solutions to use to kill the source of molds and fungi to avoid them from growing again. 

Curling or Buckling Shingles. 

Your shingles can curl up due to strong winds and this can cause their attachment to loosen. When this happens tendencies will be more damage can occur. So have those shingles replaced with the same material. 

Missing Shingles or Granules.

Missing shingles and granules can compromise the whole function of the roof. This is also caused by strong winds and some shingles fly off when the frequency of the wind is really strong.  

Missing Flashing, Gutter Guards or Fascia.

Same with shingles this can be blown away by the wind, which can cause more damage to your roof and also fails to direct the water in the right way making water sip into your home. 

Exposed Nails. 

Having exposed nails on your roof can be an entry of water which can then cause your roof to rot or grow molds. 

Check Your Roof For Wind Damage.

Strong winds can cause a lot of damage to your roof, so always check your roof right after storms or bad weather. To know if your roof needs repair and if it can be addressed immediately. 

Consider Your Roof’s Age. 

Know the age of your roof and the average lifespan of your roof so you can determine when they need replacement. Most roof materials may last longer than their expectancy however it is wise to check your roof regularly. 

Undeniable Signs You Have a Bad Roof

Sunken Roof. 

Beams and studs support your roof, once they are rotten the roof will sink. Ignoring such signs can weaken our roof and cause more water damage.

Water Spots. 

Water sports are an indication that water had sipped in on your roof, immediately call your roofing contractors to check on your roof and fix the issue. 

Moss & Algae Growth

This can be unavoidable sometimes as water passes to the roof, too much moss and algae can cause structural damage so check your roof now and then. 

Missing & Cracked Shingles. 

Any part of your roof missing can be a bad sign that it can compromise the function of your roof. If there are missing shingles then it can be an entry for water or other elements that may damage your roof further. 

Defective Construction Materials.

Constriction materials that are of poor quality can be damaged and rot easily, therefore replace them with high-quality ones to get the protection your home need for the next 20 or more years.

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