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As social creatures, we humans, or at least most, are comfortable with friends. We enjoy doing fun activities with them, such as going on road trips, playing games, and sharing stories. As such, it is no surprise that we value our friends, especially those who are part of our inner circles or squads. And since they are part of our group of closest and most trusted people, we want our friends to feel loved and appreciated. 

When we have conversations with our friends, it is natural that we use emojis, which can make the conversation fun and even hilarious. But conversations are not always good times and waves of laughter. Sometimes, we need to show that they, as our friends, mean a lot to us. So, from laughter icons to profound symbols like the infinity emoji, here are five emoticons you can use to display loyalty and affection.

1) Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Telling jokes and funny stories are something that good friends usually do. They share knock-knock jokes they know or share embarrassing but funny stories. And if we do not laugh during these moments of humor, they might feel bad. So, to assure them that we appreciate their effort in lifting spirits in the group chat, send them a rolling on the floor laughing emoji!

This icon depicts a face lying on its side while seemingly crying with laughter. Although some emojis display humor, this icon shows the peak level of laughter. It means that someone is so hilarious that you are already crying because of it. The rolling on the floor laughing emoji is a part of Unicode 9.0 introduced in 2016.

2) Hundred Points

Maybe your friend posted a photo or video of themself on their social media. Perhaps it is a photo of their stylish outfit or a video of their vocal or dance cover. As their friend, you must be one of the first people to hype them up when they posted something unexpected or impressive on their social media. And to support them, feel free to comment the hundred points emoji.

Added in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0, the hundred points emoji displays a red 100 with two lines under it. This icon originated from Japan, where teachers stamped a 100 when students aced their exams. Now, this icon is synonymous with compliments, such as “good job” or “excellently done.” Therefore, use this emoji when you think your friend deserves their respect.

3) Middle Finger

Bantering is something that we do with friends. These jokes may range from wholesome jokes to complete petty insults. But since they are our close friends, we take their banters to our stride and think nothing of it. We might even find their insults hilarious. And although some people may seem insults are hostile, at the end of the day, jokes are jokes as long as they are not hurting anyone. And you will not hurt anyone when you send your friends a middle finger emoji during rowdy banters.

As its name implies, the middle finger emoji shows a yellow hand with its middle finger raised. The icon also has skin tone color variations, including dark, medium-dark, medium, medium-light, and light. It is a part of Unicode 7.0 introduced in 2014 and which they eventually added to emoji 1.0.

4) OK Hand

There are times when friends will ask us for favors. These times may include buying something like a quick errand or checking on someone to see if they are doing well. And when they ask for something, your friend may feel indebted to you and think they owe you something. So to reassure them that everything is fine, feel free to send them an OK hand icon.

As a part of Unicode 6.0 added in 2010, the OK hand displays a yellow hand with its index finger and thumb touching to form a circle. Meanwhile, the other fingers are raised, showing an “okay” gesture. It also has color tone variations, such as dark, medium-dark, medium, medium-light, and light.

5) Infinity Sign

And lastly, when we post group photos with our friends on social media, we want them and other people to know that this friendship will last. You could even add quotes such as “squad goals” or “friends for life.” And if you picked the latter, why not add in an infinity sign emoji while you are at it?

This emoji shows a purple square with a white, horizontal number “8” middle. Although people can associate the sign with mathematics, infinity is a term people can refer to with love. And aside from the romance, you can also use this emoji to show unending loyalty. They added the icon in Unicode 4.1 in 2005, and it also became a part of Emoji 11.0.

In a Nutshell

Like romance, loyal friendship is something that we do not want to end. After all, the people we meet can shape our future personalities and characteristics. So, if you want your friendship to last for a long time, feel free to use these icons!


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