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Should You Use a VPN for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Short answer: absolutely! Getting a VPN for online gaming is an excellent idea, especially when it comes to mobile games. Scroll on and you’ll find several great reasons to use a VPN for Battlegrounds Mobile India. For even more tips on staying secure on and off the battlefield, just follow the link.

#1 Prevent DoS Attacks in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Have you ever been suspiciously disconnected just before a decisive victory? Not just in BGMI, but in online games in general. In that case, you may have been the victim of a Denial-of-Service attack, or DoS for short. Basically, the person performing the attack floods your device with spam requests, causing your connection to drop in the process.

In any case, using a VPN lets you mask your true IP address and replace it with a different one, depending on the server you connect to. The attacker will essentially target the VPN’s servers, and VPN providers are more than well equipped to deal with DoS attacks. That is why you can also use safe sources like the ones found at

The PUBG mobile servers themselves were hit by Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks last year. These are basically just DoS attacks on a large scale, and thankfully you don’t need to worry about being the target of one. Just keep in mind that if you experience disconnects caused by a DDoS on the Krafton servers, using a VPN won’t solve the problem.

#2 Get Better Ping in BGMI

One side effect of using a VPN is that your network speeds will take a slight hit. How so? Well, your data needs to travel further than usual, as it needs to pass through the VPN server as well. VPNs also encrypt (or scramble) your network data so it can’t be read by hackers on public Wi-Fi. This doesn’t have a dramatic effect on your overall speeds, but encryption does take up some processing power.

That being said, rerouting your data through a VPN server might help solve ping issues in BGMI. High ping is usually caused by a problem somewhere in a network node found on the path your data takes towards its destination.

It’s easier to think about it as if your data get stuck in a traffic jam on its way to work. By taking a different route entirely, your data might have to travel a greater distance, but it won’t be slowed down by whatever was causing the network issue.

#3 Bypass Firewalls at School or at Work

Let’s be honest, your school or workplace wouldn’t be too happy with you slacking off playing BGMI, or even popping into a quick match on your breaks. Network admins tend to filter out online games and other distractions using firewall rules, leaving you unable to connect to the game servers.

Even hotels, airports, and other public Wi-Fi providers may block online games and other content (such as streaming services). To be fair, they do so to free up bandwidth for more essential uses, such as email, video calls, and so on.

Luckily, using a VPN lets you bypass firewalls and access any type of content you want. Unless your workplace or campus actively blocks VPNs (unlikely), all they’ll be able to see is that you’re connecting to a VPN server. All your data is encrypted and nobody can eavesdrop on what you’re doing online.

Will You Get Banned for Using a VPN in BGMI?

Using a VPN is not against the Battlegrounds Mobile India terms of service, so it’s entirely safe to use a VPN while playing the game. The only way you might get in trouble is if you try to use a VPN to play PUBG Mobile, the version of the app that was banned in India. As long as you stick to the government-approved version of the game, you shouldn’t face any issues.

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