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Shakura: A Tale to Tell for Reality

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Making sure that our skin is taken care of is not easy. We must ensure that the products we use are safe and not harmful. But regardless of how many skin care products we use, there are times that skin problems are somehow a little bit stubborn. These dark spots, open pores, and clear marks are hard to remove and sometimes affect our confidence.

Good thing, different skin care procedures have been made to fix the skin troubles we are facing. One of which is the shakura pigmentation. In this post, you will see what it is all about and how it works based on real-life experience.

Shakura: A Facial Beauty

Here we will give you one of the Shakura reviews that will surely help you know how it can change you for the better.

The Shakura Pigmentation focuses on the fighting of dark spots that won’t brush off regardless of what skin care products you use. Similarly, when you grow older, signs of ageing start to appear. Freckles become more evident due to the ultraviolet rays directly hitting your skin. Also, due to stress, pimples leave a mark that can cause dark pigmentation.

Now, here’s where Shakura Pigmentation comes in. Based on its marketing, it claims to make an evident change in you just by using it once. Yeah, this claim seems sceptical. I mean, almost all skin procedures claim this. So hesitancy is there when I visit the shop. The only thing that makes me truly try this is the 6 shops that can offer the same procedure all over Singapore’s major economy. Then indeed, this facial procedure is a risk worth taking.

Skin Pigmentation: The Goal to Educate

The first remarkable thing about here is their dedication to educating their customers. Here, you can see how important it is for them to inform customers of how pigmentation occurs.


In the picture, you’ll see the science behind why pigmentation happens in our skin. They have created a book that explains the different types of skin pigmentation and how their treatment works. Furthermore, for personalization, they will scan your skin and explain the problems in it and how they will go over to treat it. Here alone will show you how dedicated they are to creating a treatment based on your specific problems.

Shukra Pigmentation: A safer Option for Beauty

One of the key ingredients in shakura treatment is the use of milk. Now, if you are new to dermatology, this is a learning opportunity. Using milk that contains lactic acid is beneficial. It can help you when dealing with skin pigmentation. To be specific, lactic acid has a substance called alpha-hydroxy acid. It acts as a chemical that will remove your dead skins on top. Here are some of the after-effects you’ll experience once done with the treatment:

  • Remove all the dead cells on your skin.
  • Lighten dark skin due to pigmentation.
  • Helps renewal of skin cells.
  • Helps cells produce more elastin and collagen for skin rejuvenation
  • Causes smoothening of skin and makes it become more radiant.
  • Lessen skin pores.

Shakura treatment: Aiming for excellence and Safety

Once you’ve done with your consultation in skins, you’ll proceed to the treatment room and change your outfit with their treatment gown. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can ask for an extra towel to cover yourself.

To get the idea of what you are into, here are the steps you’ll be indulging yourself with:

  1. Using wet pads to clean out your skin.
  2. Cleaning your face with lotion and warm water to target the deeper parts of the skin.
  3. Use of a hydration mask. The type of mask will be used depending on the result of your skin scans.
  4. Extraction. This is just an optional step if you choose to, but they won’t focus on it here.
  5. Cleaning pore skin with antiseptic.
  6. Use milk enzymes while massaging the skin carefully.
  7. Neutralisation to balance the PH level on the skin with a gel through a massage.
  8. Use the cream as 1st layer and hydration.
  9. Use of a rubber mask to help hydration penetrate deeper into the skin.
  10. Free shoulder massage to wait for the masks to work.
  11. Cleaning and moisturising of skin with the additional sunblock.

After the first use, indeed, there is a significant change that you’ll feel in your skin. It will become softer, smoother, and radiant. Your face’s skin pigmentation will surely lighten once you’ve undergone the treatment.

Now, to ensure that you’ll get almost the same treatment you got in your first session, you can ask them to write the specific steps they’ve done for you.

Surely, this Shakura treatment is not a sham. The claims they had in their marketing truly work. Unlike other treatments and skin products, this one is safe and relaxing, which will surely make you have a great time in treatment.

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