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As a novice, to commence selling foot photographs, you require a camera or smartphone that can take high-quality images. Additionally, you will need some low-cost lighting equipment, and an internet connection. This is a distinct (and confidential) method of earning a monthly passive income through the sale of feet pictures.

Use FeetFinder

To use Feet Finder, you’ll need to first create an account and submit a verified form of identification. After verifying your ID, there’s a charge to use the platform. You can opt for a monthly fee of $3.99 or pay an annual fee of $14.99.

To start selling your feet content, you’ll need to upload a minimum of 4 high-quality photos or videos. We will suggest you to create a comprehensive bio that incorporates relevant keywords. It will help potential buyers to easily find your account.

It’s Safe 

You can choose to set either a flat fee or a monthly subscription fee for your content. Make sure to check your account regularly and turn on notifications so that you won’t miss any messages from interested buyers. FeetFinder is a platform that provides a secure and discreet way to buy and sell foot photos.

The service ensures privacy by automatically blurring the images before they are made available for preview. A 20% fee is charged on all sales made through the platform. Additionally, the site offers an affiliate program, enabling users to earn additional income by inviting their friends to sell their foot photos on the platform.

Below are the top tips for people who want to make money by selling their feet pics online.

Maintain anonymity 

When selling photos online, it is not necessary to reveal your true identity. This can increase the risk of attracting unwanted attention, such as from a stalker. To maintain privacy, it’s recommended to create separate email and social media accounts specifically for your photography business.

This will help you avoid sharing personal information such as your name, address, or phone number with clients. Additionally, it’s a good idea to establish a separate business account for financial transactions.

Avoid Answering Personal Questions

It’s common for individuals to ask for specific details about your feet pictures, such as the angles, backgrounds, or nail polish colors. However, it’s never appropriate for a buyer or prospective buyer to request private and sensitive information.

If you feel uncomfortable with the direction of a conversation with a client, it’s important to end communications immediately, block the individual, and report them to the appropriate authorities if necessary.

Don’t Budge from Your Set Price 

As a big advocate of bargaining in the realm of selling foot photos, I must note that negotiation is not possible in this situation. The reason for this is that lowering the price of your photographs can give clients the impression that either:

The quality of your work is not up to par, or

The price for your work is subject to future bargaining.

Watermark Pictures 

To protect your images when selling them, it’s important to either obscure the image with a blur effect using a program like Canva or prominently display a watermark to assert your ownership of the work. This way, you can prevent others from claiming your images as their own and profiting from them in the future.

Get the Payment Before Sharing Pics 

With the abundance of options available, it’s easy to receive secure payments for your products. Popular platforms like Venmo, Cash App, Patreon, Wise, and Paypal are well-known and widely used for accepting payments.

If you own a website, you can create an online shop using eCommerce programs such as WooCommerce or Shopify, which can securely process payments in a variety of forms. It is crucial to always double-check and make sure that payment has been received before delivering the final product to the customer.

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