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In the recent years  huge spikes in break-ups and divorces due to various stress factors. Before making any significant decisions that would affect their family, a married couple has an obligation to discuss their options with one another. If there are young children involved, it is extremely challenging, if not impossible, to secure a divorce without the consent of the woman who is currently being married to him. Even if you try to file for divorce in PA online the likelihood of filing for divorce without lawyers is quite low. Recent amendments to family legislation have made it possible to dissolve a marriage through both the judicial and administrative systems. 


Articles of the family law provide for the dissolution of a marriage in the case that either partner passes away, the court declares that either partner has passed away, or either partner makes the request to have the marriage dissolved.  

If the couple does not have any children together, then just the permission of one of the spouses is required to submit a petition for divorce at the local register office. You can do it yourself — divorce! You will need to take this matter before a judge in every other circumstance.  

Even if the woman does not want the marriage to end, either spouse can start the divorce process without the other one’s permission. The judge will first listen to the reasons presented by both parties, and then they will make a decision. In point of fact, there are only two legitimate reasons to stay married even if neither partner wishes to end the union:  

  1. the pregnancy of the wife 
  2. the presence of a newborn child who is less than one year old. Neither of these situations is ideal, but they are the only two reasons to stay married.  

The court may give the parties an opportunity to try to make apologies, and this opportunity may last for as long as three months, on average. If the husband has noticed, for example, signs of a cheater in his wife and continues to express desire for a divorce after this length of time has passed and the court is not presented with any compelling reasons to deny the request, the divorce will be granted. 


According to the Family Code, a divorce petition cannot be submitted when the woman is carrying the couple’s child. The judicial system cannot in any way be of assistance with this matter. The only thing left to do is either persuade your partner to go through with it, or hold off until the kid is born and reaches one year of age. 


If a married couple has a child together who is less than one year old, neither spouse may file for divorce without the other’s consent. This rule applies only if the child is younger than one year old. It makes no difference if a guy or a woman is living in the same residence.  

If a young lady claims that she cannot divorce because of the needs of her kid, the judge will not find against her. When the child reaches the age of one, the court will decide how to proceed with the claim. 


What you should do if your husband has made up his mind to divorce you for good, as well as what you should do if your wife is adamantly against the divorce. If there are no children as a result of the connection, then finding a solution to the problem is not difficult. Even if one spouse is hesitant to divorce the other, it may still be possible for a couple to get a divorce at the local registrar office in certain circumstances. This is one of the exceptions to the general rule that a divorce must be finalised in court.  

How to file a divorce via a registry office then? 

If the woman files for divorce and there are no contentious problems with the couple’s children or property, it is not necessary to go to court to end the marriage. The marriage can be dissolved without going to court.  

The following situations are the only ones in which it is possible to divorce a woman who refuses to file for divorce at the registration office on her own initiative: 

  1. A sentence of nearly three years in prison was handed down to the woman. If you want to seek a divorce, you have to wait for the judgement of the court to become final and binding before you can file for one. 
  2. It was discovered that the wife lacked mental competence. Even if the husband gets a certificate from the doctor saying that the wife is unable to work, he is unable to unilaterally end the marriage on the basis of this reason even if the court has not declared that she is unable to do so. This is because the court must first rule that she is unable to do so. 
  3. Nobody, not even the husband or the couple’s immediate relatives and friends, has any clue where the wife or husband may be. In order for the person to be legally recognised as being missing, there must first be an official determination made by the court. 

In the latter scenario, the lady has the legal right to oppose the decision of the court to proclaim her missing if she can provide evidence that she did not vanish before the court’s investigation began. As a direct consequence of this, the divorce that was previously finalised is now void. 

And what about court? 

If you are a guy who wants to do your own divorce on his own but his wife is not present at the register office will not be successful in getting the divorce; instead, he will need to take his case to court. 

  1. Before starting a legal case, it is important to find out which court has the power to hear your case. 
  2. After that, we start collecting the records. You are going to be required to hand up either the original or a copy of your marriage licence, in addition to two copies of your claim and the receipt for the fee associated with the registration. 
  3. Documents are sent to the courthouse in a number of ways, including through the mail and electronically. The application is looked at as soon as it is received, and as soon as it is complete, it is added to the list. 
  4. The date of the court session is determined by the court, and the spouses are sent a summons to inform them of the date. 
  5. Both parties are at liberty to request a hearing without him or to show up to the meeting regardless of his presence. 
  6. The judge has decided what the outcome will be. One copy of the document will be given to the plaintiff, and another will be given to the defendant. 

If the man’s claim is upheld, he will be entitled to divorce his wife even if she is opposed to the idea, as long as the divorce is for irreconcilable differences. After that, the application, the court order, the marriage licence, and the receipt for the price need to be delivered to the proper register office so that the relationship may be registered. Always remember to bring the real passport with you.  

When all of the necessary documentation has been submitted, an employee of the department will draught a civil status act on the dissolution of the marriage, issue a certificate of divorce, tell the cost of divorce and stamp the passport in accordance with the new status. At the time and place set by the judge, both the plaintiff and the defendant must appear in court. However, a divorce cannot be denied because one spouse did not show up to the hearing. 

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