Seeing No LED on Netgear Router? Get That Fixed Now!

Seeing No LED on Netgear Router? Get That Fixed Now!

April 21, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Are you continuously seeing no LED on your Netgear router after setting it up properly? Need not to worry! You are not alone in this battle! No LED is one of the most common issues experienced by every Netgear router user. However, you can fix the no LED issue on your Netgear router with a few troubleshooting tactics. And this write-up covers all those fixes that will help you resolve the “Netgear router no LED” issue in minutes! Continue reading!

Possible Reasons Behind Netgear Router No LED Issue

Right off the bat, let’s get to know the reasons that cause Netgear router no LED issue:

  • Internet connection issue.
  • Your router fails to connect to your modem, PC, or laptop.
  • Making use of a damaged or a worn-out cable.
  • Issue from your ISP.
  • Maybe your router gets disconnected from your home network due to longer hours of inactivity.
  • The PC or laptop not connected to your Netgear router.
  • Improper configuration of the device using incorrect Netgear router login details.
  • The Netgear router firmware is outdated or corrupted.
  • Malware, spyware, or other viruses can also mess with your device, resulting in Netgear router no LED issue.
  • Discontinuous power supply also results in Netgear router no LED issue.

Fix: Netgear Router No LED Issue

Let’s have a quick glance at the some possible fixes to get rid of Netgear router no LED issue.

  • First of all, choose a damage-free and working wall outlet to plug in your Netgear router.
  • Secondly, be sure that there are no loose or improper cable connections.
  • Connect your Netgear router to the modem in a proper way.
  • Place your Netgear router and modem in the close proximity.
  • In the event that the cable connections are accurate and proper but you are still facing Netgear router no LED issue, turn off your device and disconnect it from your modem. Wait for some time, plug in your router back and reconnect it to your modem.
  • Be sure that the power adapter of your Netgear router is properly inserted into a working wall outlet.
  • Update the firmware on your Netgear device using on-screen setup instructions.
  • On the off chance if you are still facing Netgear router no LED issue, power cycle it once along with your modem. To do so, unplug your router and the modem. Wait for a few minutes. Plug them back in again one by one.

If you are still experiencing Netgear router no LED issue, then do the following.

  • Relocate your Netgear router.
  • Place your Netgear router on a higher shelf.
  • Choose a middle location for your Netgear router in your home to place it.
  • Configure your Netgear router properly using correct routerlogin admin details.
  • Verify it with your ISP that if he is providing you the accurate internet plan you are paying for.
  • Replace your existing modem if it is more than a couple of years old.
  • Scan for malware and other dangerous viruses.
  • Do not cover your Netgear router. Clean it frequently with a piece of dry cloth.
  • Avoid placing your Netgear router near to a stabilizer, microwave, or refrigerator.
  • Also, do not choose a place for your Netgear router that is near to thick walls, doors, windows, fall ceilings, and corners.
  • Do not place your Netgear router inside a cabinet.
  • Try connecting your Netgear router wirelessly to your modem.

The Final Words

And there you are! In this way, you can get rid of Netgear router no LED issue in minutes. However, if you still can’t make the most out of your Netgear router, don’t forget to contact our skilled experts through comments.

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