How to use the save feature on Instagram android app?

How to use the save feature on Instagram android app?

November 17, 2018 2 By Anonymus

Having thousands of users on Instagram every day, it gets challenging often to keep everything in order which is shared on your account. Whether, you look at the pictures of new dog of your friend or have a look at the latest yoga videos of your favorite page, there is always a lot to see. Save feature on instagram is one of the best updates of the app.

Instagram has become one of the highly famous social media platform all over the world among all other platforms. It is regarded as the top platform for viewing images of people and places in various parts of world and now you can also cheapest smm reseller panel. To view photos on Instagram within the photo albums is quite exciting, however it becomes hard always to save same image on your mobile again and again so that you can view it anytime or whenever you need to remember the place, person or event.

save feature on instagram

However, as you are not allowed to save the photos from Instagram directly, there exists some other ways by which you can save any image from any page into you mobile or desktop whenever you want. In following, you are about to know the information about how you can save photos on your android phones easily.

To keep the tabs on each of your favorite posts on Instagram has become quite easier today. Thanks to the new update on platform which has added a section of “Saved”. The new update on Instagram now let’s its users to make a collection of posts just like Pinterest collection, on the basis of the posts which they have saved earlier. But, unlike Pinterest you can view your collection also.

With the help of this feature of Instagram named as “Saved”, it becomes easier to make a video or photo and then save it in the personal collection for viewing it later. so, without any further due, let’s find out how can you do it.

How you can add a post into saved: Save feature on instagram

As you scroll down on your Instagram feed, you come to see a picture of a cute puppy lying over the grass and you wish to be sure that it is saved, so that you can view it later whenever you want. Here comes the use of the new “Saved” feature of Instagram.

With the help of this new saving and collection feature on Instagram, you can easily include a post into your collection, and then view it back out of your personal library (you don’t have to share with anyone else).

According to Instagram, 46% of total users save one post at least. You can now use it saving any post (photo, video or animations) and view it later, but how?

For doing this, simply tap on the icon of bookmark which is located under each post on the Instagram. This icon is found at the right side under every post and is made separated a little from the comment, share and heart icons. After you tapped it, a small animation will appear on the bottom right side and an option for going step further by including the post into your collection.

How can you view the Saved posts?

The posts which are saved into collection can be viewed easily on your profile. Each of the post you have added into the Saved will be private. Hopefully, Instagram will allow users to make public collections as well in future and also Stellaris guide.

After you have added some of the posts in the Saved collection, there are chances that you will be wanting to see them actually. For that, tap on your profile button and then tap on icon of bookmark to go into your collection.


How can you make a Collection?

The collections can be made as you save the post, or by adding it into the collection which already exists. There is also an option of grouping the already saved posts in your collection on Instagram. The collection is same as the Saved but it lets you to add saved posts in your very own unique and create categories. Yay!

Tap on + located on top right corner on Saved page. Write name of the collection and then tap Next. Click on the picture which are already saved for adding into the collection. Tap on the blue colored checkmark after selecting the pictures.

Now, as you visit your Saved page, you are able to see your collections whenever you want to see each of them you have made. Moreover, if you want to throw any other picture into your collection while scrolling down on Instagram, just tap on the icon of bookmark, select the collection in which you want to add the picture and then just add it there.

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