Safety at the Pharmacy – The Case of the Red Bronco

April 23, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

With extraordinary lament, I need to impart this story to you…it’s dismal, however obvious. 

I was busy working the previous evening and we had our typical rage between 10 PM to 12 PM (and beyond…yup, I work the short-term shift!). We were attempting to figure out a protection issue for one of our patients in the initial path of our drive-through (we’ll call her Sally) while another vehicle sat holding up in the subsequent path. While my partners were managing the drive-through patients, I was on the telephone with a not so cheerful patient. Obviously, somebody was here to get her drugs and one of them was not ready…she said the individual getting for her was in the drive-through in a red Bronco (observe that last part, it’s to some degree significant!) 

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Along these lines, I tackled the issue with the Percocet for Sale agitated patient on the telephone and had one of my partners offer her solution to the individual getting for her (to the red Bronco fellow in path 2). In the interim, Sally wound up coming inside to call her protection in order to tackle the issue. Tragically her protection had terminated so she wound up taking her solutions back (one of which was for Percocet). 

We continued with our work, helping patients as they went along and keeping things straight in the drug store. Around 30 minutes after the fact, Sally called us and she was a piece gone crazy. Evidently, the red Bronco fellow (who had been in path 2 while she was in path 1) came up to her outside after she left the store and inquired as to whether she had bought a remedy for an opiate. Provided that this is true, he needed to purchase the opiate remedy from her. 

NOTE: Narcotics are doctor-prescribed prescriptions used to treat serious agony, and they are normally sold unlawfully in the city as a sporting medication (gets individuals high and cheerful). 

The red Bronco fellow had caught the conversation between Sally and my associate while sitting in the drive-through. Some place around there, the Percocet remedy had been examined so he realized she was there to get a sedative medicine. Despite the Buy Cheap Percocet Online fact that his business was done at the drug store, he stayed in the parking garage until Sally emerged from the store…that’s the point at which he took his action. 

Fortunately, Sally had not filled/bought her Percocet solution – who can say for sure what may have gone down in the event that she had! It is far-fetched that Sally would have been harmed, yet there have been cases like Sally’s the place where individuals have been assaulted. All things being equal, Sally was simply gone ballistic (which is all well and good) and needed to caution us about the red Bronco fellow. 

Not exclusively would pharmacies be able to be held up, yet you can be as well – you may have what the awful individual needs. On the off chance that they need your prescriptions gravely enough, they may take exceptional measures to get them. I would prefer not to panic you as it’s uncommon that something like what happened to Sally would happen to you – simply needed to ensure you are wary of your environmental factors! 

On the off chance that you believe you need more security at the drug store, kindly let the drug store staff know and I’m certain they will do what they can to fulfill your needs…besides, it is the law! 

Has Sally’s circumstance happened to you previously? Unquestionably share your story since I accept that the more cases shared, the more mindful others will be! 

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